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Posture Your Business to Capitalize on the Upcoming Facebook App Integration

Facebook app integration

According to the New York Times, last month, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg allegedly set in motion plans to fully integrate messaging functions of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Although the three apps are projected to remain fully independent, the planned technical integration will allow the 2.6 billion combined users to connect and communicate across all three platforms seamlessly. Recent discussion indicates that the consolidation, planned for late 2019, or early 2020, may have a significant impact on businesses planning to incorporate messenger ads and intuitive chatbots to help fuel growth opportunities.

Why Integrate Messaging Functions Across Three Separate Platforms?

Although previously opposed to any effort to combine functions of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg appears to have reversed course in his decision. This reversal may be due, in part, to the considerable growth WhatsApp and Instagram experienced since Facebook purchased the companies.

By merging some of the infrastructure and functions of these three unique platforms, Mr. Zuckerberg hopes to deliver a one-stop-shop to address messaging needs for the 2.6 billion combined users. In theory, this integration could help reduce netizens’ desire to turn to other messaging platforms offered by Apple or Google. It also has the added potential of opening up additional advertising spaces and revenue generation sources for SMBs.

What Does This Integration Mean for Small Businesses?

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing realm, your customers search, discover and purchase products and services online in increasing numbers. In fact, many consumers, especially those who are younger and more tech-savvy, prefer to interact with your business via chat instead of a phone call or email. Due to this shifting business communications paradigm, it is now more important than ever to incorporate messaging in your startup’s social media marketing strategies. Specifically, your company can use a strong presence in messaging spaces to help fuel growth by:

  • Accessing new ad placement spaces and unique formats
  • Employing chatbots to enhance interaction with your customers and new clients
  • Efficiently connecting with your customers
  • Affording an opportunity to rapidly address customer concerns before they turn into negative online reviews
  • Soliciting feedback about your products and services in a non-invasive way

As Facebook forges ahead with the integration of WhatsApp and Instagram, businesses that develop an effective messenger-based chat marketing campaign today will be well postured for success after the three services merge. Expect additional details about this highly anticipated integration to trickle out over the coming months, but mark your calendars for a late 2019, or early 2020, debut.

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Posted on 19th February, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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