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Reasons You Need to Work with Professionals for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing professionals

You know that online marketing is important. You want to increase your digital footprint, improve your page rank, create fresh content that your audience enjoys, increase sharing on social media, manage your online reputation, and much more. What you don’t know is exactly how you should approach these tasks. What's most efficient, and what fits your company the best? Do you want to keep everything in-house and let your employees handle it, or should you outsource and hire professionals to do it on your behalf? As important as online marketing is in 2020, this is a big decision for your company, so let’s explore it a bit further.

Getting Results

This basic question was recently put before members of the respected Forbes Council, and the first thing they pointed out was that results are the ultimate goal. You have to get the results you’re looking for or you’re wasting your time and your marketing budget. Outsourcing means you hire professionals who understand this market and can lead you to those results more quickly.

After all, results often come back to experience. If your team has to learn digital marketing from the ground up, mistakes are almost a certainty. It takes time to learn what they need to do and how to hit their goals. There are some elements of trial and error. All of the time, you’re not getting the results your company needs to grow. Outside digital marketers have the experience needed to get you to those same results far faster.

The Latest Technology

Digital marketing takes a lot of different forms. You have everything from blog posts to on-site content to video content to interactive web forms -- and that’s just the beginning. Much of this takes specific cutting-edge technology to create.

If your company handles it, you have to make a substantial investment up front to acquire the technology, platforms and software programs you need. You then have to invest time as your team learns how to use these tools. By the time they do, some will be outdated and will need to be upgraded.

By letting someone else handle it, you ease the financial burden. They already have the technology and the knowledge. They can start using it right away, and you know they’ll make the upgrades as needed. Even though you have to pay for the services, you save a lot of money at the beginning and certainly save an incredible amount of time. That can lead to faster results and a greater return on investment (ROI).

Investing Your Time

A third key point made by Forbes Council members is that you have to invest your time -- or the time of your team -- getting all of this set up and doing the marketing yourself. If that’s not your forte, it can take longer than it should, and every moment that you’re working on it is time that you’re not spending doing what you do best.

With outside marketing, you free up your own time so you can invest it wisely in the things that made your company so successful to start with. That could be anything from networking to product development to connecting with customers. No matter what form they take, you need to put your time and energy into your key skills. Languishing on anything not only means you’re not the optimal person for that job, but that you’re actively giving up time doing what you can do so well. It’s twice the hit to you, all without those critical positive results.

The Solution

It’s clear that, while some companies do try to keep things in-house, the Forbes Council believes that it’s better to outsource the work to professionals who have experience, knowledge, technology and expertise on their side. Fortunately, this is exactly what we do here at Content Customs, and we would love to talk to you about all of the ways we can help.

Ryan Lundin

Posted on 23rd January, 2020 by Ryan Lundin

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