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Right Now, Internet Use is at an All-Time High

Internet use high

Have you been thinking about revamping your website, updating your SEO or running an online ad campaign? Maybe you just aren't sure when to start or if it even matters whether or not you act quickly. You know it's something you want to do eventually, but you're not feeling much urgency and you've been putting it off. Well, what you should know is that internet use has been soaring in recent months. There is no better time to address your plan of action. People are online far more often and that creates massive amounts of potential traffic. Getting your internet presence in order right now gives you a chance to see nearly unlimited success.

Traffic Numbers

First off, let's look at some of the traffic numbers. One report claims that use is about 70% higher than normal. Streaming has also gone up, though only by 12%. That suggests that a lot of this increased access time is due to workers who are stuck at home and using the internet to connect and due to people who use their phones -- via sites like Facebook or Instagram -- to socialize. They do watch shows more often, but they already had habits regarding streaming services. It's the other habits, such as browsing the web and shopping online, that have really increased.

Changing the Focus

The main reason for the increase, of course, is the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can dig a bit deeper. One reason for higher traffic numbers is that entertainers and others have started changing their focus. Many music artists cannot play live shows, for instance, which is how they make most of their money. They have turned to playing shows on live streaming services. Some even have set schedules and play numerous shows in a series. In some cases, the audience has to pay up front for access. In others, they're just asked to donate to support the artist. Either way, this shows a massive shift in how people use the internet to connect in new ways.

Soaring Ecommerce

Ecommerce is also predicted to hit major highs as people shop online and order items that can be brought to their door. Some estimates say that the increase could be around $175 billion. You could easily make the argument that there has never been a better time for online ads. This is especially true for those who like the experience of browsing for their purchases. They cannot do this in retail stores anymore, but they can browse products and ads online, making impulsive decisions even when they didn't set out to make a purchase. This is where things like social media ads can have a lot of success.

Getting Started

Don't let this opportunity get away. The world will eventually transition back to normal, but you need to know how to shift and change with the times. At Content Customs, we can help with SEO, online sales, social media content and much more. We understand how difficult this has been for small business owners. We also know how to make the most of a tough situation and help you find success in any industry. You just need to know where to look. Call us today.

Jonathan Schlosser

Posted on 8th July, 2020 by Jonathan Schlosser

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