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Snapchat’s Agile New Instant Ad Creation Tool Allows SMBs with a Limited Marketing Budget to Reach New Users

Snapchat ad creation

As today’s teens, college students and young adults abandon traditional social media sites such as Facebook, newer, more popular platforms stand ready to benefit. Snapchat, in particular, is an agile, wildly popular social media platform that younger users appear to turn to in record numbers.

Fortunately, reaching out to this rapidly expanding user base just got a lot easier thanks to Snapchat’s recently launched, three-step ad creation tool. This tool may serve as a cost-effective solution for small to mid-sized businesses with limited resources to gain momentum efficiently in a shifting online marketplace.

Getting Ahead of the Shifting Social Media Marketing Landscape

Marketing in the digital age often presents a challenge for startups and SMBs on a shoestring budget. How can your small business realistically compete with industry leaders backed by teams of market analysts and advertising professionals? Fortunately, reaching today’s younger generation of online shoppers and consumers is not as tricky, or resource-intensive, as most startups believe.

Teenagers, college students and young adults do not trust “overly-salesy," aggressive advertising tactics, cold calls or emails. Engaging this audience and presenting your products and services to them in an effective way requires marketing tactics focused on:

  • Clearly expressing your brand’s unique identity and culture
  • Making effective use of a diverse set of social media platforms
  • Hosting high-quality written content and videos on your website
  • Communicating in a sincere, subtle and genuine way devoid of pushy sales tactics

Reaching New Users with Snapchat’s Instant Create Tool

Fortunately, crafting advertising campaigns incorporating these features doesn’t always require a significant investment in time and money. As teens and young adults abandon social media giants like Facebook, forward-looking SMBs must follow these users to new platforms. Here, a wide range of low-cost advertising resources stand ready to help businesses of all sizes get products and services in front of these users in innovative ways. Snapchat’s recently launched Instant Create tool is one such device which delivers an easy way for startups to build ads using the following straightforward, three-step process:

  • Start with an objective (boosting site traffic, increasing app installs, etc.)
  • Paste your SMB’s site URL into the tool
  • Determine your target audience

After completing these three steps, startups can instantly publish targeted ads ready to capture the attention of Snapchat’s exploding number of users. In addition to Instant Create, there is an Advanced Create feature which allows businesses to build multiple ad sets.

Keeping your business on a trajectory for future success in today’s rapidly shifting social media advertising space doesn’t always require an extensive resource investment. Instead, look for low-cost opportunities to effectively engage the next generation of users in the new, flexible online platforms that appeal to them most.

Ryan Lundin

Posted on 6th August, 2019 by Ryan Lundin

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