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Sync with Twitter’s New Marketing Calendar to Keep Your SMB on Track for Success in 2019

Twitter marketing calendar

As you craft your SMB’s marketing game plan, you are likely planning to target product launches, discounts and more around major holiday events like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc. But, have you considered your strategy for National Siblings Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Beer Day?

If your company's content marketing strategy touches social media in any form, you will need to sync your efforts with Twitter’s recently debuted 2019 marketing calendar. This tool can help you craft content, debut products, incorporate ad banners and launch specials which align with unique upcoming events.

Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing

It is not a closely guarded secret that, as a startup or SMB, one of your keys to success lies in the social media realm. However, if you are not postured to ride the ever-surging wave of social media marketing opportunities, you place your business at a distinct disadvantage. In a recent announcement, the social media giant, Twitter, discussed the creation of a downloadable marketing calendar to help small businesses and startups stay one step ahead of the latest buzzworthy events to strike in 2019.

This announcement should be welcome news for startups and SMBs looking for social media marketing inspiration and branding opportunities. In addition to populating your calendar with a full range of anticipated buzzworthy events throughout the year, Twitter added an estimated volume of Tweet impressions expected, per event. Use this valuable info. to help tailor your content and social media marketing strategies to place your SMB on a solid trajectory for growth in 2019.

Boost Your Startup’s Reach During 2019’s Most Anticipated Marketing Events

Twitter’s calendar leaves no shortage of unique advertising opportunities. For example, February 9th is also known as National Pizza Day. If you own a pizzeria or are involved with supplying pizza shops in your local area, for instance, you might want to consider a marketing strategy to take advantage of surging consumer interest in all things pizza-related on this day. In fact, Twitter estimates a generation of over 34 million Tweet impressions related to this upcoming event. Other unique opportunities you can use to infuse some creativity into your 2019 marketing strategy include:

  • National Margarita Day
  • International Women’s Day
  • Earth Day
  • The 2019 Grammy Awards
  • National Puppy Day and more

When you’re ready to get started, check out Twitter’s 2019 Essential Marketing calendar.

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Posted on 22nd January, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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