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How to Become an Affiliate Blogger Success in 7 Steps

affiliate blogger

Of all the ways to monetize your blog - placing advertisements, selling merchandise, offering a premium membership - affiliate marketing is one of the most attractive.

As an affiliate blogger, you will want to develop and thereafter, implement creative techniques and approaches in order to drive traffic from your website to an affiliate company's website. When that traffic makes a purchase at the affiliate's website, or possibly even when they click your affiliate's link, you receive a commission payment. So why is affiliate blogging so appealing?

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Tales From the Dark Side: Link Cloaking

link cloaking

There's a lot of mystery behind black hat SEO. Most techniques tend to be delegated to the hushed whispers or become quite public when a large company gets caught using them (see the JC Penney fiasco).

This being said, there are many reasons that you should be familiar with the various approaches that are considered to be the "Black Hat" techniques of the SEO world. One of the reasons for understanding these techniques is that it allows you to identify SEO firms that might be trying to trick you into paying for services that are frowned upon. One of the most popular techniques is link cloaking.

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How to Manage a Successful Affiliate Program

affiliate program

Publisher and owner of Weblogs Inc., Jason Calcanis, grew ad revenue from $200 per day in September 2004 to as high as $3,000 per day in only six months by using AdSense and a successful affiliate program, according to a recent Google AdSense case study. With good planning and execution, almost any site or blog that has valuable high quality content and uses smart marketing techniques can generate steady revenue online. The 2010 AffStat Report from AffiliateBenchmarks.com is great place to learn more about affiliate marketing, but first, keep these tips in mind...

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5 Free Must-Have Services for Internet Marketers

internet marketing

Thanks to the availability of wireless service, you can update your blog at almost any time. Also, with the ongoing trend of declining wireless internet costs, more and more individuals from all around the globe can visit your web site.

This phenomenon is a great source for potential traffic, but it also requires that you continuously stay updated regarding the latest trends and SEO tools within the industry in order to maintain and improve your web site ventures. Luckily, some of the best SEO tools and services for Internet marketers are free.

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How to Monetize Your Website by Selling Ads

website ads

Many internet marketers understand just how lucrative it can be to monetize your website by selling advertising space on the pages of your site. The ads can be either text ads (consisting of a hyperlink embedded into the lines of an article that is related to the hyperlink) or banner ads (graphical ads that act as a link).

Many people are becoming selective with the websites they choose to advertise on, leading web developers to place fake ads on their site. This is common and attracts advertisers by making them believe that other companies are already advertizing on your site.

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