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Apple’s Newly Launched iPhone 11 Packs a Big Punch for a Relatively Low Cost

iPhone 11 announced

Apple once again captured the headlines and the attention of users eager to take advantage of the next generation of iPhone technology. Their recently announced iPhone 11 not only delivers a variety of upgrades over its predecessor, but also arrives at an attractive price point sure to turn heads.

Initial reports suggest the iPhone 11’s enhancements will include a dual-function camera, a faster processor, a longer-lasting battery and many other upgrades over earlier models. Based on the official release date of September 20, the iPhone 11 appears poised to be at the top of many consumers’ holiday shopping lists this year.

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Swift, Apple's Programming Language, is Now Open Source

apple swift

Apple's Swift programming language, debuted last year, has seen fairly wide use since its inception, counting LinkedIn, Yahoo Weather and Clear as apps that currently make use of it. Described as "Objective-C without the baggage of C" by one Apple software engineer, the new programming language has made app creation for iPhones, iPads and Mac computers significantly easier.

The tech giant has now opened up the programming language, allowing developers and programmers outside of Apple to dig into Swift, try it on different platforms, and contribute to its ongoing development.

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Is Apple Search On Its Way?

apple search

One of the most fascinating things about Apple, and arguably one of its greatest keys to success, has been its ability to keep most of its offerings within its own sandbox. Despite Bing powering the latest version of the Spotlight search feature, Apple has done an excellent job of separating themselves from other big names in technology. Apple obviously has many different irons in the fire, but it's been conspicuously absent from one realm: search. Now, however, one developer has found evidence that an Apple search engine of some type could be in the future.

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Apple Announces Thinner, Lighter iPad Air

ipad air

Apple hardware enthusiasts had a lot to talk about yesterday with the company unveiling their new and heavily updated Mac Pro and MacBook Pro models, not to mention their free-to-download OS X Mavericks operating system software.

However, the hottest announcement of the day was undoubtedly the new iPad Air. For the last couple of iPad generations, Apple has simply been referring to each new model release as "the new iPad," but the company obviously feels that this new iteration is unique enough to deserve its own moniker.

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Apple Unveils Premium iPhone 5S, Entry-Level iPhone 5C

Apple iphone 5s 5c

During a special live event yesterday in Cupertino, Apple unveiled the two latest additions to its iPhone lineup. Tech junkies will be most excited about the high-end iPhone 5S, while smartphone newcomers and those looking to save a few extra bucks will likely turn their attention to the Apple iPhone 5C.

The entry-level iPhone is designed to allow more individuals with the ability to access the iOS ecosystem at an affordable price. Continue reading below to determine which Apple iPhone is a best suited to meet your tech needs while still fitting into your budget.

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