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Is Expandable Text OK With Google?

matt cutts

Matt Cutts, head of web spam at Google, is back with another video Q&A session, this time focusing on and tackling the topic of whether expandable text sections will negatively impact your search engine optimization efforts.

Many websites, especially those with dense, wordy, informative, encyclopedic type content, use expandable text so as not to intimidate more "uninitiated" users. Imagine, for example, an extensive FAQ section in which you can simply click the questions to see detailed answers in a drop-down menu.

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How Long Should This Article Be?

article length

If there's any one question that beginning, intermediate and advanced online content writers, as well as virtually any type of content writer, grapple with on a daily basis, it has to be this: "Exactly how long should this article be?"

The simple answer, of course, is "only as long as it needs to be - no longer, no shorter." To this, you may say: "Alright then, exactly how long does this article NEED to be?" And so, the cycle continues. In reality, there are several items to consider when determining the appropriate length of your on-line article or blog post.

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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Content Will Suck

poor content

Writing high quality content for your personal or business website or Blog can be extremely difficult, especially if you are looking to establish a loyal following of readers.

In addition to learning to write high quality, grammatically correct content, you will also want to take the time to learn at least the basics associated with search engine optimization (SEO). The reason for this is that high page rankings require both quality content and sound SEO principles. However, the intent of this post is to list the top 10 ways to make sure that your content will suck.

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Are You Killing Your Website With Shorter Pages?

short pages

It's no secret that most individuals shoot for around 500 words when they write online content or order content from an online writing service. However, there is a wide variation in article content length as some individuals prefer that their page articles be around 300 words while others prefer that each of their pages are at least 1000 words.

So the question that comes into play; which is better, shorter pages or longer pages? While I cannot be certain of the correct answer, I do have an answer for you. I believe that the length of the page doesn't matter and should not even be looked at.

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Research an Article in 20 Minutes

research article

Taking the time to thoroughly research the topic that you intend to write an article on is likely a major part of the overall time required to complete the project. If you approach researching the topic without the proper methodology, you may find yourself wasting hours doing unnecessary searching.

Learning to perform the research portion efficiently is an invaluable skill set for any high level writer. This being said, learning to do so will save you an immense amount of time and allow you to complete a larger number of articles within the same period of time.

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