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Will Article Writing Software Put Journalists Out of a Job?

article writing software

It's a question that's been asked thousands of times in many different ways: will robots eventually perform every human task? While it's looking more and more like the answer could be "yes," many would argue that technology could never replicate human creativity. For example, artificial intelligence could never paint the Mona Lisa or write Moby Dick.

Not so fast, though. Article writing software is likely being used by someone right as you read this, and the text it's creating is indistinguishable from a human's.

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11 Tips for Creating Authoritative Content in a Post-Authorship World

authoritative content

Well, it's official - Google Authorship is done and gone. First they removed author photos, and now all author info will be dropped from the SERPs completely. According to Google, the "rel=author" markups signifying authorship will not incur penalties - they'll just be ignored.

In a blog post shared last week, Google's John Mueller explained that authorship information simply has not been as useful to Google users as was hoped. In fact, it was sometimes even viewed as a distraction. Google maintains that site traffic won't decrease as a result of authorship removal.

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Google Removes Authorship Photos from Results Pages

authorship photos

Almost exactly three years since Google introduced authorship markups to their search engine results pages, they've made a big change in the process that has come as a bit of a shock to the SEO world. In an attempt to "clean up the visual design" of the SERP's, Google's John Mueller announced last week that authorship profile photos and Google+ circle counts would no longer appear in both desktop and mobile search results. Mueller's announcement indicated that, according to Google's experiments, click-through behavior would not be affected. Many SEOs are skeptical of this claim, however.

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Bing Threatens Keyword Stuffers With Stiff Penalties


If you're desperate to see one of your pages rank highly in search engine results for a certain keyword query, you might be tempted to squeeze that keyword into as many places as you can in the page's content. Doing so could backfire spectacularly, according to a new report from Search Engine Land.

The report indicates that - without any official announcement on their blog - Bing has revised their Webmaster Guidelines, particularly the section warning site owners to avoid keyword stuffing. Adhere to the guideline or your page could plummet in ranking.

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Duplicate Meta Descriptions: OK or Not?

meta description

Matt Cutts, Google's chief of battling search spam, is back with yet another video to tell us a simple but important search engine optimization (SEO) tip. Today's tip concerns meta descriptions and the best ways to use them. A meta description, of course, is a brief description of the contents of a given web page.

The meta description will show up in search results pages under the link to the relevant page. From a user interaction standpoint, your goal is for your meta description to entice the user to visit your page by previewing the valuable content they'll find if they do.

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