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Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing Reveal Top Searches of 2014

top searches

Year-end lists of the top searches provide a snapshot of what people look for on the internet and how they use search engines. Such lists also provide an overview of the topics, events, issues and people that were most culturally relevant that year. For marketers, the top searches don't necessarily represent keywords to be focused on; instead, they help keep SEOs informed about search trends, audience tendencies and where - or where not - to be focusing their efforts.

Year-end lists have been released by Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing. While these sites vary in traffic, they're all still in the Alexa top 25.

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Bing Outlines How Content Quality Affects Rankings

bing content quality

According to the latest comScore numbers, Microsoft sites got around 3.7 billion searches in October. While that's only 19.5 percent of the search market share, the numbers are high enough to suggest that Bing should not be ignored - especially if your site targets an older or wealthier audience.

It's important to remember that optimizing for Bing is similar to optimizing for Google in many ways. Rule number one for both search engines seems to be high-quality content. A new post on the Bing blog details exactly what they're looking for.

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Is Apple Search On Its Way?

apple search

One of the most fascinating things about Apple, and arguably one of its greatest keys to success, has been its ability to keep most of its offerings within its own sandbox. Despite Bing powering the latest version of the Spotlight search feature, Apple has done an excellent job of separating themselves from other big names in technology. Apple obviously has many different irons in the fire, but it's been conspicuously absent from one realm: search. Now, however, one developer has found evidence that an Apple search engine of some type could be in the future.

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Bing Focusing on Search Apps To Compete With Google

search apps

The latest comScore numbers indicate that Google still has over two-thirds of the search market share, and some people believe that number is actually quite a bit higher. There's no question that search marketers will need to focus mainly on Google in the near future.

However, between the Bing it On Challenge and the claims that their image search is superior to Google's, Bing hasn't been afraid to try grabbing some of that share. Now, however, it seems that Bing will be moving away from pure search and focusing more on search apps in order to compete.

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Bing Maps Expands Streetside, 3D Features

bing maps

In an apparent attempt to compete with the reigning web map service, Google Maps, Microsoft's Bing has recently added some new features. The new options will allow users to preview certain landmarks, buildings and streets in over 100 U.S. cities. These include the Gateway Arch, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Las Vegas strip. Known as Streetside, the feature directly compete's with Google's Street View tours.

Bing Maps is also now competing with Google Earth by offering aerial images of specific locations across 150 countries.

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