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Google Penguin Update on the Way: Time to Analyze Your Backlinks

google penguin

When Google's Penguin algorithm first went live nearly four years ago, sites that were engaging in black hat link schemes saw massive reductions in search rank and traffic that ended up being very difficult to recover from. At it's best, Penguin helped even the playing field by penalizing sites that were gaming the system through dubious link building. Unfortunately, it also killed some sites whose webmasters were unaware they were doing anything wrong or unethical.

Now, a new and potentially final Penguin update could be on its way. Analyzing your backlink profile can help ensure your rankings don't plummet.

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Facebook's Anti-Fraud Strategies Working to Decrease Fake Likes

fake likes

Fake likes and profiles have been a nuisance on Facebook for years. Instead of earning likes organically, some page owners choose to purchase likes as a way of increasing the perceived popularity of their page. Unfortunately, this shortcut can end up being detrimental to legitimate businesses and has led to accusations that Facebook ads are worthless.

While Facebook has been fighting against fake likes for a long time, it now seems that they're as close as ever to solving the problem. This is good news for everyone on the social network.

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Is the Riskiness of Link Building Too High? Experts Are Divided

riskiness of link building

John Mueller recently announced that Google's Penguin 3.0 update is likely to launch sometime this year. Webmasters won't really be able to evaluate its effect until after it's put into place of course, but the repercussions of the update shouldn't be all that surprising.

SEOs hopefully learned some lessons about spammy linking after Panda 2.0 ended up wreaking havoc with the traffic and rankings for some sites. Despite all the chatter over Penguin, however, nobody can seem to definitively assess the riskiness of link building. Experts disagree about even some of the most "dangerous" tactics.

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Google Reveals Anti-Webspam Update

anti-webspam update

According to a post published on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google will soon be launching another update aimed at minimizing webspam and reducing the visibility of sites that fall short of the search giant's quality guidelines. The post indicates that approximately 3% of all search queries will be affected.

So what is "webspam"? In layman's terms, webspam is really just another term used to describe black hat SEO, or less-than-savory techniques and approaches intended to artificially increase a given website's search engine ranking.

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Google Developing Over-Optimization Penalty

over-optimization penalty

According to Search Engine Land, Google is working on a new algorithm that will penalize sites that attempt to “over-optimize” or “over-SEO” their on-site content.

The announcement was delivered by Matt Cutts, the head of the webspam team at Google, at a South by Southwest panel named “Dear Google and Bing: Help Me Rank Better.” According to an audio transcript from the panel, the new over-optimization penalty has been in development for at least a few months. If you are a website owner or blogger, this could be very important.

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