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Beware of Pinterest Phishing Scam

pinterest scam

Whenever a new website happens to attract the attention of the general population, it has a way of attracting a few seedy characters as well. I'm talking, of course, about internet con artists, and their tendency to latch onto whatever happens to be popular in order to launch an attack and make a quick buck. In this case, the site-of-the-moment is Pinterest, the popular social media site that has amassed a user base exceeding 13 million individuals despite legality concerns and reports that the site was covertly adding affiliate links to user submissions.

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Tales From the Dark Side: Link Cloaking

link cloaking

There's a lot of mystery behind black hat SEO. Most techniques tend to be delegated to the hushed whispers or become quite public when a large company gets caught using them (see the JC Penney fiasco).

This being said, there are many reasons that you should be familiar with the various approaches that are considered to be the "Black Hat" techniques of the SEO world. One of the reasons for understanding these techniques is that it allows you to identify SEO firms that might be trying to trick you into paying for services that are frowned upon. One of the most popular techniques is link cloaking.

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