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Why Your Blog Never Gets Comments

blog comments

According to a study by Jakob Nielson, 90% of users at the average website never contribute a single comment. Just 9% of users comment on occasion, while 1% of users comment frequently.

Although these numbers seem pretty grim, the news is even worse for most bloggers. Nielson calculates that approximately 95% of all blog readers never comment, while 4.9% contribute occasionally and the remaining 0.1% comment frequently. Sadly, given these statistics, odds are quite good that your blog never gets comments, at least not nearly as many comments as you would like.

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Why Aren't You Blog Commenting Right Now?

Blog Commenting

Regularly making comments on blogs can be a great marketing strategy for almost any website. There are millions of users who read and comment on blogs every day. Smart marketers are able to attract these readers to their website or blog by commenting on blogs related to their topic.

Starting is easy. The only tools required are a computer, a wireless Internet service provider and solid people-relation skills. Having some marketing background to help boost conversations and comments to the next level is good to have as well.

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StumbleUpon vs. Digg: Case Study


StumbleUpon and Digg are two sites that article marketers and the social network advertisers must take seriously. The sites are set up to send traffic to other websites, based on posts that users make. Frequently, it is the originator of a page, article, blog post or page comment, who will take the initiative to submit it to either or both sites.

Ideally, readers and consumers will follow suit and also share the page. This introduces the business or product to the followers that the consumer has formed a relationship with. It also increases the site's odds of making it to a coveted front page spot.

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