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Guest Posting Done Right: A Blueprint to Guest Posting

guest posting

There can be a high level of value derived from guest blog posting for both the author of the content and for the blog owner alike. However, the problem is that, of late, guest blogging has become more of a new age type of spam; a type of spam that is more advanced than most.

The one thing it has in common with other types of spam, is that it is truly annoying. More specifically, in many cases, blog owners are being harassed daily for guest blog post opportunities (in bulk), while genuine high value guest authors are being rejected because they are being clumped in with the spammers.

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How to Improve Readability in your Blog

blog readability

So you are a blogger? Almost every day you are at that keyboard, plodding away, coming up with your next brilliant idea and carefully crafting your next blog post. Day in and day out, you really commit to your blog - your heart, your soul, and everything that you perceive to be valuable to your readers is in there.

But you may find yourself asking, "Why isn't everybody reading my blog posts? Where are all the comments that individuals are supposed to write about my blog posts? Settle down, I'm here to help. Here are some tips on how to improve the readability of your blog posts.

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The 600 Word Report: Best Practices of Professional Bloggers

best blogger practices

Anyone who can type "free blog" into a search engine can create his or her own blog. However, that does not mean that they know how to successfully write blog posts that will capture a loyal audience over the long. This being said, there are a lot of techniques that professional bloggers use, of which amateur bloggers may not be aware.

So what are the best practices of professional bloggers that focus on creating compelling and interesting content? While there is not a "one size fits all" solution that all professional bloggers use, below are a few tips to consider when regularly writing for a blog.

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To Use Photos, or Not To Use Photos...

content photos

Many websites and blogs do not use images within their content. However, that does not mean that you should not use them. When you are writing a blog or an article, photos can be extremely beneficial to the rest of your written or video content.

If the pictures are congruent with the flow of the page, you can certainly use photos to create a sense of harmony between your visuals and written content. As the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" and in many instances, images can add to the overall intent of the article and visually support several of the finer points.

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Why You Should Be a Content Writer

content writer

There are many advantages to being an online content writer. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to work from home while pursuing a lucrative career, content writers enjoy flexible hours, competitive pay, and the ability to frequently write about subjects that they are passionate about.

In addition, content writers are frequently tasked with researching challenging topics they may be unfamiliar with. As a content writer, you'll broaden your educational horizons and learn about new topics that you might enjoy more than you initially realize.

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