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Microsoft Sway Promises Beautiful Content, Still Needs Work

microsoft sway

Last week, Microsoft introduced Sway, a content aggregation program that allows users to develop visually appealing, interactive presentations without requiring any knowledge of web design. Sway makes it possible to easily combine photos, video, audio and text into content that's automatically arranged into a format which the user can then make adjustments to.

The program will be the first new app added to the Microsoft Office Suite in about 10 years, but it may need to define its purpose more clearly before it catches on.

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Google Drive Officially, Finally Released

google drive

It's been a long time coming - six years, in fact, since rumors first started to emerge that Google would "soon" be releasing a hosted online storage solution that would compete with services such as Dropbox. That moment has finally come, and Google Drive has been released and is now officially open for business.

Head over to the Google Blog for proof, as delivered by Chrome & Applications SVP Sundar Pichai: "Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive." As it turns out, one of the two is true and actually does exist.

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Google Drive Finally Coming in Early April?

google drive

A few of months ago, rumors were swirling that Google would finally release its hosted cloud storage service, tentatively called Google Drive. At the time, the rumors suggested the release would occur within a few weeks, but some SEO experts started to wonder whether the rumors were just an echo of similar announcements from 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011 when that timeframe came and went.

If the article from GigaOm is true, the new storage service, rumored to be called GDrive, will arrive in "early April." GigaOm's information comes from insiders familiar with the company's plans.

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The Advantages of Using a More Advanced Hosting Setup

advanced hosting setup

When most people think of hosting, they are thinking of public cloud services; with good reason. Public cloud hosting services are the most common on the Internet - where perhaps thousands of different users will share the same servers.

However, public cloud hosting comes with some disadvantages that can make larger businesses or webmasters that store sensitive data nervous. For example, government web sites, customer information, just to name a few. This being said, there are many advantages of using a more advanced hosting setup.

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What You Should Know About Hosting on a Managed Private Cloud Solution

private cloud solution hosting

Hosting on a managed private cloud solution offers some major differences from hosting on a public cloud - mainly in the areas of customization and security. On a public cloud, a variety of users access the same servers to store their data - reducing cost and creating an on-demand resource center.

However, public clouds also feature a lack of security that a managed private cloud solution can offer. Before choosing a managed private cloud solution for your data storage and connectivity needs, there are a few cloud hosting options that you should know about.

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