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Google to Warner Bros, NBC Universal: No, We Won't De-List Mega


Remember way back in 2012, when the federal government forced legendary (perhaps notorious?) internet business mogul Kim Dotcom to shut down his massive file sharing website, MegaUpload, on the basis of internet piracy? It didn't take long for Dotcom to reinvent his incredibly popular website as Mega, and with new branding came a fresh chance in the eyes of the United States feds.

However, Dotcom's new venture is already taking heat from an institution nearly as intimidating as the feds: major Hollywood movie studies. However, so far, Google isn't playing along.

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Many Major Sites to Evade Google's Pirate Penalty

google's pirate penalty

Beginning this week, Google will implement and enforce a new "pirate penalty" against web sites that regularly and knowingly violate a variety of copyright infringement laws.

If your web site happens to be a frequent recipient of copyright violation complaints, you might want to rethink the way you handle content and protected media if you wish to remain indexed in Google's search engine results. A Google Transparency Report lists a variety of web sites that are considered the worst offenders in the search giant's new crackdown on copyright infringement.

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Image and Logo Design Discounts Available Now at Content Customs

content customs

Content Customs is happy to offer our new and loyal customers a special 10% discount on all image and logo design services, for orders up to five items.

Order six or more items, and we'll take an additional 5% off the entire order, for a total savings of 15%. Best of all, you can apply this discount throughout this month. So, order one image now and five logos later this month, and we'll apply the full 15% discount on your final invoice.

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Yahoo Suing Facebook Over 10 Patents

yahoo suing facebook

If you are a company that recently filed for a $100 billion IPO, the last thing you want on your hands is a lawsuit. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Facebook is now faced with, and the plaintiff in this case is not some small internet start-up company looking to cash in on the success of Facebook, but rather Yahoo, one of the world's largest and most popular search engines.

Even worse for Zuckerberg and company is the fact that the Yahoo suing Facebook lawsuit that has been officially filed spans not one tech patent but, instead, ten tech patents.

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Flickr is Allowing Users to Disable Pinterest Sharing

disable pinterest sharing

SEO headlines have been ablaze with news and controversy regarding Pinterest, the hot new image-based social media site that has been growing very quickly and is now competing with Google and Twitter in terms of referral traffic despite its beta status.

Pinterest's first pitfall came a couple of weeks ago when it was discovered that the site was making money by covertly adding affiliate links to the various images that their users were posting. Although this type of issue could be considered a no-harm-no-foul practice by some individuals, it's not Pinterest's sole problem.

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