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HTTPS May Be Essential in the Near Future


Just as Google has made it essential for your site to be mobile-friendly, another big industry change that promises to benefit all internet users could be on the way. Luckily, just like having a responsive design, it's probably something you've been considering - if not already doing - for quite some time.

Basically, if your site isn't secure, you could be seeing a drop in search engine rank and a depreciated value in browsers. This means making use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to switch to HTTPS as soon as possible.

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Google Domains Available For Beta Testing

google domains

Between search, email, social networking, online mapping and a host of other services, it seems like Google has had its hand in just about every major aspect of Internet business - except one. Until now, Google has been notably absent from domain hosting, instead instructing people to check out their domain partners such as eNom.com and GoDaddy.com.

Google has now launched an invite-only beta version of "Google Domains" as a test for a possible hosting service. The launch comes only a few weeks after GoDaddy filed for an IPO.

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Keyword-Rich Domains Boost Rankings? No, Says Bing

domain names

A new post published on the Bing Webmaster Blog by Duane Forrester, a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Bing, weighs in on the importance of having a web site domain name that is comprised of relevant keywords.

While Duane Forrester says that having a keyword rich domain name would provide a major boost over the competition around a decade ago, keyword rich domain names no longer have any significant influence on your search engine rankings today, despite what some SEO analysts might tell you.

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Can a Spam Domain Rank Later? Unlikely, Says Cutts

spam domain

So, you found an existing domain name for sale and it just so happens to be available at a steal of a price. The only problem is that for most or all of the domain name's life so far, it's been a spam site packed with black hat SEO techniques. Now, you have good intentions to turn the domain around and use it for your reputable business.

Is it worth the time trying to save a spam domain site, or is it better to go with a fresh domain that hasn't earned a poor reputation? As reported by Search Engine Land, Google's web spam head Matt Cutts is back with a new video to share the answers.

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Moving Your Site? Bing Offers a New Webmaster Tool to Help

bing webmaster tools

Are you planning on moving your website? Many site owners hardly give it a second thought when they decide they want to move some pages around on their site, or even move their whole site to a new domain. Unfortunately, these types of moves can play havoc with your standing among search engines, especially if you don't take the proper steps first.

Google has been offering a Change of Address tool for quite some time for this very reason, and now Bing has decided to step up to the plate with a site mover utility of their own.

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