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Moving Your Site? Bing Offers a New Webmaster Tool to Help

bing webmaster tools

Are you planning on moving your website? Many site owners hardly give it a second thought when they decide they want to move some pages around on their site, or even move their whole site to a new domain. Unfortunately, these types of moves can play havoc with your standing among search engines, especially if you don't take the proper steps first.

Google has been offering a Change of Address tool for quite some time for this very reason, and now Bing has decided to step up to the plate with a site mover utility of their own.

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Site Owners can Disavow Links with New Google Tool

disavow links

Back in May, in the immediate aftermath of Google's Penguin update, we talked about how sites were being down-ranked because their link profile included inbound links from shady, irrelevant or otherwise unreliable sites. Site owners complained heavily, saying that they were being unfairly penalized for something beyond their control.

Complain no longer. Starting now, website owners and SEO marketers can let Google know exactly which inbound links they would rather not be associated with, and should be excluded when Google is assessing their website for search rankings.

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Hosting 101: Hosting Options for Dummies

hosting options

It's often difficult to imagine that every bit of information on the Internet has to be stored on some sort of physical device. Before the Internet became popularized, web masters usually just bought their own servers and hosted their web applications on their own equipment.

However, it wasn't long before people began amassing these physical servers and renting the space out to hungry web site owners. While many web masters that still host their websites on their own servers, there are many hosting options that you can use to host your web applications on while saving money and improving flexibility.

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Five Things That Make Your Wordpress Blog Look Professional

Wordpress Blog

It is estimated that nearly one hundred new blogs are started every minute. Simple math dictates that a single day presents tens of thousands of potential new competitors that are intent on stealing your readership. How then do you construct a successful Wordpress blog that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition?

Obviously, your blog needs to contain interesting and useful content. However, regardless of how captivating the content may be, it won't turn heads and capture the number of visitors that you are looking for unless it looks and feels professional.

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Choosing a Domain Name - Part 1

Domain Name

One of the first and most aggravating problems of developing a web site is choosing the right domain name. This is a tricky subject because there are many schools of thought with a lot of good points. Even choosing something as simple as whether or not your web site will end in .com, .net, .org, or anything else can be a difficult decision.

Most people might say that if you can get the .com, take it. However, some schools of thought will say that this is not always true. I will review several factors to consider when choosing a domain name and from there, you should have a basic understanding.

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