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DuckDuckGo Reaches 3 Million Daily Searches


Just over a week ago, we reported that indie search engine DuckDuckGo had passed 2 million searches in a single day. Impressive, given that they finally passed 1 million daily searches in February 2012 after struggling far on the margins of the search engine competition for several years.

Was DuckDuckGo's milestone a fluke? Hardly, as a recent tweet from DuckDuckGo indicates that the site passed 3 million daily searches on June 17th, less than a week after hitting 2 million in a day. Should Google be scared?

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DuckDuckGo Reaches 2 Million Searches in One Day


If you're among the many who feel that Google digs a little too far into your personal life and violates your privacy, you've probably heard of DuckDuckGo, the search engine whose most-touted feature is the fact that they fully respect user privacy.

Although Google absolutely dominates search market share, with several times the daily searches of even its biggest competitors like Yahoo and Bing, there's still room for smaller search services like DuckDuckGo. In fact, DuckDuckGo is actually gaining ground, recently hitting two million searches in a single day.

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Scroogle Closes Doors - Where Next for Private Search?


As reported by BetaBeat and other sources, the public's desire for greater privacy when performing search engine queries took another blow yesterday when Daniel Brandt, owner of the non-profit search engine Scroogle, announced that his website would be taken down and "gone forever" due to a number of crippling DDOS attacks and relentless pressure from Google.

The news comes in the immediate wake of a survey showing that most search engine users dislike personalized search results, or are at least concerned with their privacy implications.

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