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Revitalizing Your Blog with Alternative Content Types

alternative content types

You're a serious blogger. With a background in technical writing and journalism, you supply your readers with a daily dose of thoughtfully-written, highly valuable, easily-actionable content, and you take pride in the fact that you accomplish this task with nothing more than good ole' fashioned words (and a few pictures, just to keep with the times).

However, you begin to notice your readership numbers dwindling, if only ever so slightly. Comments just aren't being posted like they used to. Inbound links are becoming increasingly rare, despite your efforts to write content with useful links to peers and competitors.

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Should Your Blog Release an Ebook?


Most bloggers monetize their blogs in the same way - placing ads throughout their site. While high-traffic blogs can easily generate a sustainable income with nothing more than a Google AdSense campaign, many bloggers find this to be a difficult approach. If you count yourself in this category, you'll have options ranging from affiliate partnerships and blog consulting services to drop shipping and even developing and selling your own unique physical product. However, one blog monetization method has become especially popular in recent years - ebooks.

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eBooks - The New Publishing House


It is no secret why most individuals prefer eBooks over traditional books. Communication with electronic information is much faster than with physical paper. It is also much cheaper, more widely available, and constantly being updated.

Gone are the days where eBooks were only available to arduously read via your computer monitor. With the development of new portable eBook readers and a large variety of mobile devices, many publishing houses have shifted their focus to producing a much wider variety of eBooks, and at a much higher level of production.

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