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Enhance Your Google Ads Experience by Focusing on Your Optimization Score and Recommendations

Google ads optimizatation

Google’s recent release of a series of best practices targeted toward optimizing the Google Ads experience is an essential step for any SMB hoping to stay ahead of the competition. Google delivers this powerful optimization data via an easily interpreted score which allows startups to view, sort and apply recommendations to boost performance. These best practices and suggestions range from a full suite of advanced account management features to targeted enhancements tailored to your business’s particular goals. They also include customized recommendations based on your preferences.

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How to Become a Topic Generating Machine

generating article topics

As the weeks wear on, generating new topics for your website or blog can become a real chore. Some days, creativity seems to be in endless supply, and you're able to come up with more titles and topics than you could possibly handle that week.

On other days, however, you will spend hours trying to come up with a few appropriate topics. In many cases, even after determining a few relevant topics, in relation to the web site that you are writing the content for, you may still determine that the topics that you chose are unworthy of further exploration.

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Survey Says: SEO Pros Love Google Tools

SEO tools

The statistical results of the SEOmoz industry-wide survey were published just a couple of days ago, making perfectly clear that Google provides and supports the most popular and useful SEO tools and services on the planet.

The survey was performed by SEOmoz and conducted from March through May of this year. Nearly 6,500 SEO pros from over 100 countries responded; 77% were male; 47% were based in the U.S.; 46% were between the ages of 26 and 34; and 23% had between 3 and 5 years of real world internet marketing experience.

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19 Things That Make Google Analytics an Awesome Tool

google analytics

By now, most everyone has heard of Google and just in case you haven't - Google began as a search engine company and now has the largest search engine market share in the world. However, Google is much more than a search engine company and in fact, has countless Internet based applications, programs, and tools.

Analytics is one of Google's most powerful tools and is designed to assist web developers and online business owners alike to improve their search rankings across the various pages of their site. Below is a list of 19 things that make Google Analytics an awesome tool:

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