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Wayback Machine Project Slated to Archive Google+ Content Ahead of the Service’s Termination

Wayback Machine Google+

In late 2018, Google announced the pending termination of Google+ services after an internal audit unearthed a myriad of data privacy concerns, security risks and more. Based on this study, Google discovered that the service was no longer meeting users’ needs and set an April 2019 retirement date.

Despite this pending termination, startups hoping to preserve their Google+ are in luck. Volunteers working around the clock are currently archiving publicly posted content. Although much of the data will be auto-saved by this initiative, there are steps users can take to help ensure content is archived for posterity.

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Google+ Services End Due to Lingering Data Privacy and Security Risks

Google+ is ending

With a seemingly never-ending stream of high-profile data breaches, network penetrations and other malicious online activity, it comes as no surprise that privacy and security remain chief concerns for today’s netizens. In an effort to better support users, Google recently conducted an internal security audit focused on the company’s data sharing policies and practices. This review unearthed some eye-opening findings which resulted in several key policy changes including the termination of Google+ services. Overall, this audit may lead to enhanced user security and allow greater control over data sharing online.

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Google+ Splits Into Separate Services: The Final Nail in the Coffin?


It's commonly accepted that Google+ is nowhere near as successful a social network as Facebook or Twitter, despite having respectable user numbers. At the same time, Content Customs often argues that Google+ is a worthwhile platform for businesses; not only to gain exposure in a fashion similar to being on other social networks, but also for SEO advantages.

Now, even those benefits might be waning. With Google+ splitting up into separate services, it's unclear if the platform will remain advantageous for brands.

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Is The Google+ Team Hiding Dismal User Numbers?


EDIT: Please check out Edward Morbius' response to this post in the comments below.

Many might consider Google+ to be a black sheep among social media networks. Despite claiming to have around 540 million active users, many people feel that Google+ is a ghost town when compared to networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Indeed, reports seem to come out regularly stating that only a tiny fraction of Google+ users are actually active on the network.

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Future of Google Plus is Anyone's Guess

future of google plus

Earlier this week, several sources reported that Google is no longer forcing users to create a Google Plus profile when signing up for a Google account. Instead, users can simply click a "no thanks" button during signup and go on using services such as Gmail without establishing a profile on the social network.

To many analysts, this looks like just another nail in the coffin, especially considering how many media outlets have already declared Google Plus dead. Google hasn't explicitly stated they're giving up on the social network though, so the future of Google Plus remains unclear.

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