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7 Steps For Optimizing Images

optimizing images

Everybody knows how important images are on webpages. Visual content continues to get more and more popular, making pages that have large blocks of text without any images or video appear ever more outdated. Not to mention, image posts on social media tend to get much more engagement and traffic.

But while you've been adding images to your site to enhance user experience, you may have overlooked the SEO advantages that images can provide. Luckily, optimizing images for search engines is simple and it can have a noticeable effect on traffic and rank.

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Using Homemade Graphics to Spice Up Your Blog

graphics for your blog

Every good blogger knows that her site will be incomplete without pictures. Photos and graphics, even homemade graphics, break up the written content, help to illustrate difficult concepts that would otherwise require paragraphs of text, catch the reader's eye, and add a certain flair, flavor and uniqueness to your site or blog, setting it apart from the competition.

Unfortunately, the classic advice regarding blogs and images goes something like this: Unless you double as a graphic designer, it's best to outsource image creation to a professional.

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To Use Photos, or Not To Use Photos...

content photos

Many websites and blogs do not use images within their content. However, that does not mean that you should not use them. When you are writing a blog or an article, photos can be extremely beneficial to the rest of your written or video content.

If the pictures are congruent with the flow of the page, you can certainly use photos to create a sense of harmony between your visuals and written content. As the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" and in many instances, images can add to the overall intent of the article and visually support several of the finer points.

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