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Bing Claims Image Search Superiority Over Google

bing image search

An extensive new post on the Bing Search Quality Insights Blogs gives readers a long list of reasons why Bing's image search works better than Google's - at least according to Bing, that is. But is it really better, especially given that so many choose to use Google while ignoring Bing?

While a cursory reading of Bing's list is certainly convincing, at the end of the day all that matters is what you prefer and what delivers results most relevant to your query. But if you haven't tried Bing's image search yet, now might be a good time to give it a shot.

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Traffic from "New and Improved" Google Image Search Drops 63%

google image search

Back in January, Google drastically redesigned how their image search feature works. Although the Google image search became easier to use, with large-scale images opening right in Google as opposed to the site containing the image, many image-centric site owners worried that they'd see a drop in traffic as a result.

Google said this wouldn't happen, and that if anything, site owners could expect a marginal uptick in traffic instead. According to a new report from Define Media Group, Google was quite wrong about that, and many sites are losing image traffic in droves.

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Google Introduces Smoother Image Search

google image search

Google has been tinkering with their image search feature lately, changing from side-navigation to top-navigation for their search options menu bar only a couple of months ago.

Image search has now received an even bigger overhaul in the form of a streamlined workflow that should allow you to find images without a lot of extra clicking and opening/closing of windows. While the change will benefit Google image searchers who have become accustomed to image search on tablets, some site owners are concerned that the change could lead to reductions in traffic.

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Does Google Think Romney is "Completely Wrong"?

google Mitt Romney

If you have conducted a Google search for the phrase "completely wrong" anytime within the last several days, the image results that are displayed from a Google search may have convinced you that Google is on a mission to deface Mitt Romney's campaign, one search query at a time.

Rather than a variety of different and unrelated images associated with being "completely wrong" - say, a picture of Honey Boo Boo's mother's big toe, for example - the image results are all related to Mitt Romney, all the time. Or at least they were.

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Image and Logo Design Discounts Available Now at Content Customs

content customs

Content Customs is happy to offer our new and loyal customers a special 10% discount on all image and logo design services, for orders up to five items.

Order six or more items, and we'll take an additional 5% off the entire order, for a total savings of 15%. Best of all, you can apply this discount throughout this month. So, order one image now and five logos later this month, and we'll apply the full 15% discount on your final invoice.

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