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BlackBerry Going Private, Returning $4.7B to Shareholders


BlackBerry, the company whose name was once synonymous with the mobile business communications sector, has struggled - and that's putting it lightly. In summary, Blackberry has failed to consistently keep pace with various other phone hardware and software providers over the last several years and the ramifications are becoming more than self evident.

The continual decline in Blackberry's ability to maintain market share came to fruition yesterday with the announcement that BlackBerry will no longer continue to be a publicly traded company.

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You Can Now Embed Facebook Posts


By now, everyone's accustomed to pulling links from news, entertainment and business websites and posting them on Facebook. In an apparent effort to obtain more visibility - and get some inbound links for once instead of only outbound links - the world's biggest social network is now allowing users and visitors to embed Facebook posts on their own websites and blogs, according to Mashable.

More specifically, you will be able to embed photographs, videos and status updates directly from Facebook - basically, anything you can post, you can embed.

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