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What Happens in an Internet Minute?

internet minute

The evidence that technology is ever-evolving and occurring at a rapid pace can be seen in virtually every aspect of how we perform everyday tasks, both inside and outside of work. This can be witnessed through making a phone call through the technology in your car to purchasing items over the internet at lightning speed and the ability to remotely control functions at your home while you are away, to name a few. One of the technological advances that have played a major role in the ability for the items mentioned above to occur is this thing we call the Internet. So what, actually, is this thing we call the internet?

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Revitalizing Your Blog with Alternative Content Types

alternative content types

You're a serious blogger. With a background in technical writing and journalism, you supply your readers with a daily dose of thoughtfully-written, highly valuable, easily-actionable content, and you take pride in the fact that you accomplish this task with nothing more than good ole' fashioned words (and a few pictures, just to keep with the times).

However, you begin to notice your readership numbers dwindling, if only ever so slightly. Comments just aren't being posted like they used to. Inbound links are becoming increasingly rare, despite your efforts to write content with useful links to peers and competitors.

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