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Twitter Launches New Ad Service: Promoted Video

twitter promoted video

According to a new post on Twitter's blog, your Twitter stream may soon start looking a lot more like your Facebook news feed. The popular social media platform announced yesterday that they will be debuting a new ad service known as Promoted Video, which will allow brands, publishers and some verified users to share video ads directly on Twitter's platform.

While promoted video is currently only available to select publishers, some believe that it will lead to all users eventually being able to use native video on Twitter.

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Google Search Results to Include In-Depth Articles Section

google search results

Old-school SEOers will still tell you that a blog post, or any page of content on the internet, should be comprised of no more than 300 to 400 total words - maybe 500 words at a maximum and only 500 words if the subject matter that is being discussed really calls for it.

Although it may be true that blog posts, general pages of content, or articles should not ramble on and on just for the sake of increasing the total number of words used, the notion that all pages of content should be restricted to a cookie-cutter word count that does not exceed 500 total words is simply outdated and untrue.

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Is Expandable Text OK With Google?

matt cutts

Matt Cutts, head of web spam at Google, is back with another video Q&A session, this time focusing on and tackling the topic of whether expandable text sections will negatively impact your search engine optimization efforts.

Many websites, especially those with dense, wordy, informative, encyclopedic type content, use expandable text so as not to intimidate more "uninitiated" users. Imagine, for example, an extensive FAQ section in which you can simply click the questions to see detailed answers in a drop-down menu.

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Internet Archive Wayback Machine Reaches 240 Billion Pages

internet archive wayback machine

If you have never heard of the Archive Wayback Machine, get ready for a trip down memory lane - especially if you are a long time veteran internet user with fond but hazy recollections of how things were "back in the day."

In fact, there has never been a better time to try out the Archive Wayback Machine. According to a new blog post by Brewster Kahle, one of the founders of Archive.org, the site has now reached the incredible milestone of having over 240 billion page URLs indexed and ready for browsing.

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Does Google Think Romney is "Completely Wrong"?

google Mitt Romney

If you have conducted a Google search for the phrase "completely wrong" anytime within the last several days, the image results that are displayed from a Google search may have convinced you that Google is on a mission to deface Mitt Romney's campaign, one search query at a time.

Rather than a variety of different and unrelated images associated with being "completely wrong" - say, a picture of Honey Boo Boo's mother's big toe, for example - the image results are all related to Mitt Romney, all the time. Or at least they were.

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