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Keywords, Without Intent, Do Not Convert


When considering keyword strategies, most people simply want to rank as highly as possible for the most common, popular keywords within their industry. If you run a hotel, for instance, you may consider words like hotel, motel, lodging, accommodations and the like. These are considered fairly broad keywords, and you can find them within every industry. While they may describe what you offer, you have to consider the intent of your potential audience. If the keywords you use do not match that intent, ranking highly may still get you increased traffic numbers, but that does not mean it will lead to conversions.

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Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing Reveal Top Searches of 2014

top searches

Year-end lists of the top searches provide a snapshot of what people look for on the internet and how they use search engines. Such lists also provide an overview of the topics, events, issues and people that were most culturally relevant that year. For marketers, the top searches don't necessarily represent keywords to be focused on; instead, they help keep SEOs informed about search trends, audience tendencies and where - or where not - to be focusing their efforts. Year-end lists have been released by Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing. While these sites vary in traffic, they're all still in the Alexa top 25.

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Keyword-Rich Domains Boost Rankings? No, Says Bing

domain names

A new post published on the Bing Webmaster Blog by Duane Forrester, a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Bing, weighs in on the importance of having a web site domain name that is comprised of relevant keywords.

While Duane Forrester says that having a keyword rich domain name would provide a major boost over the competition around a decade ago, keyword rich domain names no longer have any significant influence on your search engine rankings today, despite what some SEO analysts might tell you.

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The Hottest Search Terms of the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl pulled in about 108 million viewers this past Sunday. But what did all of those people do while they watched the Super Bowl? Searched the internet, of course!

Both Google and Yahoo have reported their search trend results for this past Sunday's Super Bowl, and the most popular keywords - ones like "Beyonce" and "blackout" - come as little surprise. But how did the commercials - more important than the football game to many viewers - fare among search users? Did anyone have time left over to search for who was actually playing in the game?

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The Top Yahoo Search Terms of 2012

top yahoo searches

Just a few days ago, we brought you the top searches of 2012 for Microsoft's Bing search engine. Today, we give you the top Yahoo search terms most frquently entered for the past year, a primary competitor of Bing despite the fact that both search engines work off the same search algorithms.

As with Bing's list, Yahoo's is loaded with celebrities, tech trends, current events and plenty of smaller niche categories that should prove interesting to most SEO'ers. The full list is definitely worth checking out, but I'll share some of the highlights below.

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