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Yelp Study Accuses Google of Manipulating Search Results

search results

Google is no stranger legal action. Since its inception, the search giant has faced all sorts of lawsuits and accusations of wrongdoing. Now, Google is facing what might be its largest legal battle yet, as it prepares to defend itself against European Union charges that it's been abusing its market power and violating EU antitrust laws.

To add to the legal woes, a new, ill-timed study - backed by Yelp - purports that Google deliberately manipulates search results to stifle competitors, limit consumer options, and draw traffic to their own content and products.

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"Right To Be Forgotten" Claims It's First Wikipedia Link

right to be forgotten

Back in May, the Court of Justice of the European Union backed the concept of the "right to be forgotten." The ruling meant that Google is now responsible for deleting links to data that's considered "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant" whenever a member of the public requests it to be done. The ruling came after a man from Spain argued that his 1998 home repossession was resolved and that the issue should no longer be linked to him on the Internet. The controversial ruling led to around 91,000 takedown requests by July 18. Now, it seems that the "right to be forgotten" will claim its first link to online information giant Wikipedia.

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FTC Preparing Antitrust Ultimatum for Google?

google antitrust

According to the following news outlets, Google could be facing a major antitrust complaint from the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, if the recent reports published by Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal are to be believed.

Bloomberg, whose source is the ever-vague "people familiar with the situation," states that Jonathan Leibowitz, Chairman of the FTC, is putting pressure on Google to settle the outstanding antitrust claims within a few days if they wish to avoid the time and cost associated with the submission of a more formal complaint.

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Should Google and Yahoo Just Merge? Yes, says Eric Schmidt

google and yahoo

Earlier today, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google, spoke in Tokyo about how Google has yet to release its own maps app for iOS6 and iPhone 5 (to summarize, they haven't worked on it at all, and Apple would need to approve it before release -- fat chance of that, in light of Apple's desire for iOS6 users to use Apple Maps instead).

According to a report by Forbes, Schmidt talked about more than just their formidable competition in Cupertino. In fact, Schmidt said in pretty plain language that he'd love for Google to partner with Yahoo -- a merger that would make Microsoft rather unhappy.

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Google Could Face $3.8 Billion in Fines from EU Regulators

google fines

Google could face fines as high as $3.8 billion dollars imposed by European regulators, according to the Washington Post. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt recently contacted Joaquin Almunia, the European Union Competition Commissioner, to negotiate a deal that would save Google from forthcoming antitrust litigation.

While the letter may not be immediately available to the general public, a spokesperson from Google made a statement to the press indicating that the search giant is doing everything possible to avoid any litigation before it actually happens.

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