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Majority of Local Businesses Still Place Importance on Blogging

local business blogging

Content marketing can often seem like an unapproachable strategy that only big businesses can benefit from. With so many advertising and marketing options currently available, why would a local business spend their limited resources on planning, creating and promoting content - especially when the ROI can be difficult to prove?

Well, if a new report from local SEO software provider BrightLocal is any indication, the majority of local businesses still consider operating a blog to be highly beneficial. If your local business has abandoned its blog, this survey may make you reconsider the benefits you're missing out on.

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Yelp Study Accuses Google of Manipulating Search Results

search results

Google is no stranger legal action. Since its inception, the search giant has faced all sorts of lawsuits and accusations of wrongdoing. Now, Google is facing what might be its largest legal battle yet, as it prepares to defend itself against European Union charges that it's been abusing its market power and violating EU antitrust laws.

To add to the legal woes, a new, ill-timed study - backed by Yelp - purports that Google deliberately manipulates search results to stifle competitors, limit consumer options, and draw traffic to their own content and products.

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Yelp Exclusivity Ends in Apple Maps Amid Controversy


When it comes to business recommendation sites, Yelp is undoubtedly the leader. It currently has around 86,000 local business accounts, and it attracts 135 million monthly visitors. Companies strive for good reviews on the site, as Yelp ratings can have a huge effect on sales.

The Apple Maps app, despite its rocky start, was attracting around 35 million users at the end of 2013. When displaying local search results, the app would only ever show Yelp ratings - until now. This change is important for small businesses, and it comes at a time when Yelp's reputation is taking some hits.

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Google Buys Jetpac in Latest String of Acquisitions


It's common knowledge that Google has been purchasing startup companies of all types for years. According to this list, Google acquired 18 companies in 2013, and it's bought well over 20 businesses so far this year. The latest Google Acquisition is a unique travel app known as Jetpac.

The Jetpac website doesn't go into any detail about Google's plans, but it's thought that Jetpac's technology could be used to enhance Google Maps and Google+. Jetpac will be pulled from the App Store soon, and support for the app will end on September 15.

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Google's Pigeon Update Changes Local Search

google pigeon update

Google recently tweaked it's algorithm in an attempt to provide users with more relevant and useful information during local searches. The change, dubbed the "Pigeon Update" by the experts over at Search Engine Land, has reportedly caused local search to function more like typical web search through the use of similar ranking signals.

SEOs are still analyzing the effects of the Pigeon Update. So far, it looks like local directory sites have moved to the top of the rankings. At the same time, individual business sites might be facing an uphill battle to remain visible.

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