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Foursquare Gets New Homepage, Features


Many companies are competing for your attention when it comes to local search, and it appears that Foursquare isn't looking to be left out in the cold. A recent post on the Foursquare Blog heralds the arrival of a new home page for the company, offering not just a bold new look but also new functionality that improves the usefulness of the site.

If you've been spending all of your local search time on Google or Yelp, now might be a good time to give Foursquare another shot - and if you're a site owner that relies on local traffic, it may be a good idea to take a look at what Foursquare is now offering.

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Foursquare Allows Users to Search for Menu Items


When you're thinking about a place to have dinner, you often imagine what you want to eat as opposed to where you want to eat. However, except for more generalized classifications like "Italian" or "Chinese" or "seafood," there hasn't really been a great way to search for specific dishes - say, "chicken and sausage paella" or "Beef Wellington."

That changes with a new feature from Foursquare that allows users to enter search queries for specific menu items and find the restaurants that serve them. If you run a restaurant you'll want to make sure your online menu can be easily crawled by search engine bots.

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Product Search Replaces Bing Shopping

bing shopping

A new post published on the Bing Search Blog announced the demise of current Bing Shopping appraoch, which will now be replaced by integrated shopping results presented the same way as any other search engine results.

The new Bing system will be known as Product Search, and merchants will be able to have their results highlighted in exchange for a fee. Bing says the change is in line with consumer behavior that demands as few clicks as possible between the home page and the results they are seeking.

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Google Brings Back Zagat App for Nightlife and Restaurants


A post published yesterday on the Google Official Blog reveals that Google is bringing back the Zagat mobile application for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Although you can already get most of the information contained in the application through Google Maps, you will want to check it out if you are looking for a convenient and concise way to access information pertinent to bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and the like across most of the major cities - especially since the application is free and requires no registration.

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Mobile Device Searches Up 20%+ in 2012

mobile devices

A recent study, conducted in 2012, of 3,000 adults in the United States found that more and more individuals are using their mobile device to search the internet. More specifically, the results of the study concluded that tablet searches increased by 19% while and searches on smartphones increased by 26%.

The study, reported by Search Engine Land, was the sixth annual iteration of a joint collaboration between comScore Local Search, 15miles and Localeze. All of the individuals surveyed in the study said that they search online for local businesses.

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