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Initial "Mobilegeddon" Reports Start To Come In


A week ago, Google announced that its mobile-friendly algorithm began rolling out globally. This means that mobile-friendliness is now officially a ranking factor in searches performed on mobile devices. Whether or not this is the "mobilegeddon" some bloggers have deemed it to be, chances are good that your site traffic from Google will be affected in some way.

Indeed, initial reports seem to indicate that a large number of non-mobile-friendly sites have been negatively affected, while some sites that do pass Google's mobile-friendly test are getting a boost.

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BlackBerry Going Private, Returning $4.7B to Shareholders


BlackBerry, the company whose name was once synonymous with the mobile business communications sector, has struggled - and that's putting it lightly. In summary, Blackberry has failed to consistently keep pace with various other phone hardware and software providers over the last several years and the ramifications are becoming more than self evident.

The continual decline in Blackberry's ability to maintain market share came to fruition yesterday with the announcement that BlackBerry will no longer continue to be a publicly traded company.

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Google Search Revenue: Dropping for Desktop, Rising for Mobile

google mobile revenue

A new report published by eMarketer suggests that a large portion of advertising revenue will shift drastically towards the mobile segment and away from desktop search over the next couple of years for Google and many other search engines.

Right now in 2013, desktop search accounts for about 63.3% of Google's ad revenue, while mobile stands at 19.1%. However, in 2014, eMarketer expects desktop search revenue to fall to 53.7%, while mobile search revenue climbs to 25.3%. But that's just a shadow of what eMarketer expects the numbers to look like by 2015.

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Google: Mobile Sites Should Prioritize Speed

fast train

Google's new quality guidelines may have you feeling a little frustrated, especially if you trade in rich content that can take a few moments for users to load, even on a 4G connection.

Google's would ideally like to see content load in less than one second - a tiny amount of time no matter how you slice it, even if your mobile site offers little more than text. Now, before you race over to your mobile site's backend and start chopping away anything as bandwidth-intensive as a small photo, know that Google is only talking about content that appears above the fold.

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Mobile Device Searches Up 20%+ in 2012

mobile devices

A recent study, conducted in 2012, of 3,000 adults in the United States found that more and more individuals are using their mobile device to search the internet. More specifically, the results of the study concluded that tablet searches increased by 19% while and searches on smartphones increased by 26%.

The study, reported by Search Engine Land, was the sixth annual iteration of a joint collaboration between comScore Local Search, 15miles and Localeze. All of the individuals surveyed in the study said that they search online for local businesses.

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