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Beyond Clicks: Facebook Develops Conversion Lift Measurement For Ads

conversion lift measurement

Internet advertising is often filled with guesses and assumptions. It can be incredibly difficult to determine whether or not your ads are actually convincing people to buy your product. Some services, like Google AdWords, have conversion-tracking features that can at least shed a bit of light on a customer's path from seeing an ad to making a purchase.

Anybody who's launched a Facebook ad campaign, however, knows how hard it can be to truly determine whether or not those ads are having any real impact. Luckily, Facebook is working on a way to take out some of the guessing.

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Google Rolls Out Mobile-Friendly AdSense Text Ads

google adsense

People using mobile devices to access the internet increase every day and Google is responding to meet their needs, according to Google Inside AdSense Blog. AdSense text ads found in the margins of millions of monetized websites the world over.

The biggest change comes in the addition of a convenient arrow button that serves as a link within each ad. While the arrow buttons are designed to be easily clicked on a touchscreen device, the same buttons will be appearing in the desktop and laptop versions of sites using ads from the Google Display Network.

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Biggest Online Shopping Day in History? Cyber Monday 2012

Cyber Monday

A new press release published by comScore reveals that Monday of this week - Cyber Monday, in case you somehow managed to miss it -- was the biggest online shopping day in history.

A total of $1.465 billion was spent on online purchases on Cyber Monday, exceeding most economist estimates. So far in the holiday season (meaning November 1st through November 26th), shoppers have dropped $16.4 billion on online purchases, 16% more than 2011. If you’re an online retailer and you didn’t bother with any promotions this year, you might want to rethink your strategy for 2013.

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Major Growth for Yelp in Q2 2012


Despite Facebook's ongoing troubles, not all social networks are struggling. Yelp, the popular social restaurant and business review hub, recently announced massive revenue gains for Q2 2012 along with jumps in review content and traffic.

Although the report doesn't give any specific reasons for the growth (Yelp would rather you just believe they're working really hard), it's possible that Yelp's recent integration into Bing local pages could be attracting new customers to the site. Yelp plans to expand on multiple fronts in light of the positive news.

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Google Reveals "Brand Activate" and New Advertising Metrics

google brand activate

According to a post this morning on the Google Official Blog, Google will be making a new program entitled "Brand Activate" available to online advertisers in the very near future. The purpose of Brand Activate will be to offer online marketers additional metrics specifically designed to highlight the benefits of online advertising.

Google's reasoning behind their "Brand Activate" program is pretty simple. While the search giant's advertising sales are already quite impressive at over $38 billion per year, major brands are spending in excess of $190 billion annually for TV advertising.

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