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Google's Grip on Global Search Share Loosens Slightly

googles global search

Google is still the worldwide juggernaut when it comes to search engine market share, but a new report from Search Engine Land reminds us that there are plenty of other search providers that could be just a few ingenious ideas away from cutting into that dominance.

In fact, new data published by comScore (via GigaOm) indicates that Google may already be showing signs of slipping - albeit ever-so-slightly - in terms of searches per month relative to other search engines. In other news, Russian search engine Yandex has surpassed Microsoft's Bing in search market share.

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Mobile Devices Account for Quarter of Search Clicks

mobile devices

If you need any additional convincing that your online advertising campaign should be targeting mobile devices, have a look at the new "State of Paid Search" report recently published by The Search Agency. The report published by The Search Agency concluded that paid search - including paid clicks, cost per clicks (CPC's) and impressions are continuing to rapidly increase in popularity and volume. However, the biggest news is the impressive growth in the number of overall searches that are originating from tablets, smartphones and a variety of other mobile devices.

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Yahoo Touts New Ad Format: Cost Per Lead

yahoo cost per lead

Under the fresh direction of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo has just announced a brand new advertising unit that should prove interesting to internet marketers while allowing Yahoo to profit off its search business in ways it's simply been unable to with Microsoft.

The new ad format, which Yahoo is calling Cost Per Lead for Search, will appear in-line with organic search results, much like how sponsored search results are featured at the top of the SERPs in Google. One difference between these sponsored ads and Yahoo's new Cost Per Lead ads is user interactivity.

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Google Autocomplete Under Fire in Defamation Suit

google autocomplete

Most individuals would probably agree that the Google autocomplete feature, which automatically guesses the next word(s) you are about to type into a search query, based on common search phrases, is one of the more beneficial and efficient search innovations to come along in the past few years.

Of course, you probably would not agree if typing your full name into a search query resulted in Google autocomplete suggestions linking you to criminal activity, especially if you were being turned down for a job despite having never committed a crime.

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Google to Change Search Results for Health Queries

google health queries

If your site or blog deals with health and fitness-related information (and if it doesn't, you might want to rethink that, given that 2011 comScore data indicates that around 100 million Americans search for health info every month), listen up: Google will be changing the way it handles health-related queries in the very near future.

In short, the search results for health queries will now display a list of possible conditions every time an individual searches for a symptom, such as "difficulty breathing", "low energy", "back pain", or "headache," to name a few, as the top search results.

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