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Online Shopping Starts Setting Records

online shopping

The amount of time people have spent online in the past few weeks has likely never been higher. It's one of the natural reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are working from home and doing their entire jobs online. Others are communicating with loved ones through video calls. Still others are buying almost everything they want and need on the internet to avoid going to stores or even going outside. As more and more states lock down and people stay home, internet use has exploded. This is perhaps the premier time for web traffic and online advertising, as the amount of potential buyers -- and just the sheer amount of eyes on each search or each site -- is unprecedented.

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COVID-19 Leads to Online Shopping Spike

Covid-19 online shopping

It's not the way that anyone would have wanted it, but online shopping has seen a massive surge lately. COVID-19, often called coronavirus, has forced people to stay home to slow down the outbreak. Many are allowed to work from home, and others have professions where they simply cannot go to work at all; for instance, gyms, bars, restaurants and many other places were closed by the government in Michigan and other states. Those workers suddenly find themselves with a lot more time. What are they doing with it? According to Amazon, it looks like they're shopping online. The spike in traffic to the largest U.S. online retailer has been so dramatic that they're going to hire 100,000 employees to respond to the demand.

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Google Discovers That Most Consumers Now Rely on Video Data When Making Purchase Decisions

Google consumers video

Google, in an ongoing effort to get inside the minds of modern consumers, recently conducted an in-depth study that unearthed some surprising data about shopper behavior. In this study, Google experts surveyed nearly 25,000 shoppers across 10 separate countries to determine the type of data they used when making purchase-related decisions.

To their great surprise, surveyors discovered that 55% of shoppers they spoke to relied heavily on product data videos and online reviews. These consumers used this information to develop virtual shopping lists, boost confidence in purchase decisions and more.

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Biggest Online Shopping Day in History? Cyber Monday 2012

Cyber Monday

A new press release published by comScore reveals that Monday of this week - Cyber Monday, in case you somehow managed to miss it -- was the biggest online shopping day in history.

A total of $1.465 billion was spent on online purchases on Cyber Monday, exceeding most economist estimates. So far in the holiday season (meaning November 1st through November 26th), shoppers have dropped $16.4 billion on online purchases, 16% more than 2011. If you’re an online retailer and you didn’t bother with any promotions this year, you might want to rethink your strategy for 2013.

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Only 3% of Consumers Convert Before Doing Online Research

online reputation

If your business model depends at all on online reviews, listen up: search engine marketing company McKremie just released its Online Reputation Management Survey, an informal study conducted between October 25th and November 6th of this year. The survey, which was given mostly to U.S. adults, looked to analyze and better understand the behaviors of consumers with regards to online research, reviews and brand reputation. The survey reveals some interesting statistics, such as that 97% of online consumers research companies online before doing business.

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