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7 Steps For Optimizing Images

optimizing images

Everybody knows how important images are on webpages. Visual content continues to get more and more popular, making pages that have large blocks of text without any images or video appear ever more outdated. Not to mention, image posts on social media tend to get much more engagement and traffic.

But while you've been adding images to your site to enhance user experience, you may have overlooked the SEO advantages that images can provide. Luckily, optimizing images for search engines is simple and it can have a noticeable effect on traffic and rank.

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Readers Hate Sponsored Content, But Netflix Did it Right

sponsored content

Sponsored content is an important part of today's native advertising strategies. Native advertising pieces are intended to fit into a publisher's platform by mimicking the qualities of the publisher. For example, native advertising on Twitter would look just like a regular Tweet. On Buzzfeed, a sponsored post might look like a numbered list intended to be shared socially - just like the majority of Buzzfeed's content. These strategies are often used as an alternative to things like banner ads, which are generally thought to be widely ignored by Internet users. However, a new study from Contently actually shows that most users have a deep distrust of sponsored content.

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New Interface Tools Come to Google AdWords

Google Adwords

A series of useful new interface tools have been incorporated into Google AdWords. If you log into your AdWords account today, you should find a new "Keyword" column that allows you to detect exactly which word(s) from a query triggered the display of your advertisement.

Additional upgrades include improved campaign diagnostics, faster account editing, email alerts for automated rules, and Javascript automation for AdWords scripts. The features were published on the Google Inside AdWords official blog, and will make your interactions with AdWords easier and more productive.

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How Google Works, According to Matt Cutts

google's matt cutts

For all questions SEO-related, Google Webspam department head Matt Cutts is probably the person to ask. Cutts joined Google as a software engineer way back in January of 2000, and he's become something of an SEO legend during his decade-plus of service at the world's biggest search engine.

Who better, then, to explain just how the Google search algorithm works than Matt Cutts himself? In response to a very broad question from a reader, Cutts has developed an 8-minute video to do exactly that, explain how the Google search algorithm works.

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AdWords Will Automatically Match Keyword Variations

google adwords

As a website owner or blogger, building keyword lists in AdWords to account for things like keyword variations, plurals, misspellings, and abbreviations is probably low on your "like to do" list. After all, Google already accounts for these types of variations automatically within its organic search results, so why can't the same be done in AdWords?

According to a recent post in the Google Inside AdWords Blog, it can and it will, starting around the middle of May. The new Google system "will match close variants, including misspellings, singular/plural forms, stemmings, accents and abbreviations.

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