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8 Ways Content Marketers Can Adapt to Facebook's Algorithm Change

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When Facebook announced in January that it would be overhauling their News Feed algorithm to prioritize posts from family and friends, they stated that "Pages may see their reach...and referral traffic decrease." While the real-world impact of this change may not be fully understood for some time, it's already claimed at least one casualty: video content producer Little Things.

The popular four-year-old digital publisher has millions of Facebook followers and video views. With the new algorithm, however, the company claims its organic traffic dropped a whopping 75%, necessitating the closure of their company entirely. How can businesses that use Facebook cope with this?

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Study Says Video Posts Get the Most Organic Reach on Facebook

video posts

The lack of organic reach on Facebook has been a thorn in the side of many content creators and content marketers over the past year. The percentage of people who organically see posts from brands in their News Feeds - even from brands they Like - is so low that companies have been essentially forced into paying to boost their posts or promote their page.

However, it's still debatable whether or not Facebook ads are actually effective. So, if you're still holding out for organic reach, you may want to try creating more video content.

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