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Bing Quietly Adds Mobile-Friendly Label to Search Results


Back in November, Google announced they'd be labeling sites as "mobile-friendly" in the search engine results when those sites meet a specific set of criteria. Later, as you're probably aware, Google announced they'd be changing their algorithm to rank sites more highly if they're mobile-friendly. This has many webmasters scrambling to improve their sites' mobile capacity, as the change will begin rolling out in less than a week.

What you may not have noticed, however, is that Bing has been making the same changes at about the same times.

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Google Provides More Information About Mobile-Friendly Algorithm


First came the addition of mobile usability features to webmaster tools. Then it was announced that mobile usability will absolutely become a ranking factor in mobile searches. Then came the announcement that Google's mobile-friendly algorithm will begin it's rollout on April 21.

While it may or may not deserve the term that some have given it - "mobilegeddon" - the fact remains that this adjustment could have an even bigger effect than Google's infamous Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. Now, Google has provided some advice for webmasters trying to prevent the loss of mobile traffic.

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Why'd Your Page Drop Ranking Over Time? Matt Cutts Explains

page ranking

You posted a new page of content that you're particularly proud of. You enter the page's target keyword into Google a few days later, and you're pleased to see that it's ranked #1! However, when you check back a few days later, your post is now ranking #4.

You remember your post a month later, enter the same keyword query, and suddenly it's not even ranked on the first page! Why did your page drop ranking? As reported by Search Engine Land, Google web spam chief Matt Cutts is back to explain why new pages tend to rank highly at first, and settle lower in the SERPs over time.

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Site Owners can Disavow Links with New Google Tool

disavow links

Back in May, in the immediate aftermath of Google's Penguin update, we talked about how sites were being down-ranked because their link profile included inbound links from shady, irrelevant or otherwise unreliable sites. Site owners complained heavily, saying that they were being unfairly penalized for something beyond their control.

Complain no longer. Starting now, website owners and SEO marketers can let Google know exactly which inbound links they would rather not be associated with, and should be excluded when Google is assessing their website for search rankings.

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Google Offers Feedback Form for Penguin Update Victims

google penguin

Google released a webspam update (now officially referred to as the "Penguin Update") last week which has a lot of website developers, bloggers, search engine optimization (SEO) marketers, and owners wondering what happened to their page rankings.

Although the Google Penguin update was primarily targeted towards down-ranking websites that engage in spammy practices like keyword stuffing, link schemes and doorway pages, many Penguin update victims claim that several of their page rankings were devastated despite strict adherence to Google's quality standards.

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