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How Google Works, According to Matt Cutts

google's matt cutts

For all questions SEO-related, Google Webspam department head Matt Cutts is probably the person to ask. Cutts joined Google as a software engineer way back in January of 2000, and he's become something of an SEO legend during his decade-plus of service at the world's biggest search engine.

Who better, then, to explain just how the Google search algorithm works than Matt Cutts himself? In response to a very broad question from a reader, Cutts has developed an 8-minute video to do exactly that, explain how the Google search algorithm works.

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Writing Content that Google Will Love

writing content

Google is one of the most visited websites on the Internet. This means that writing content that Google will love is essential when writing for the web. That is, if you want anyone to read what you write.

Individuals use Google in particular because it helps them find information that is relevant to what they are searching for. While other search engines do this as well, Google's simple design has made it especially popular. That does not mean you should not use other search engines as many engines use similar search algorithms and the same tips can be utilized across all of them.

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