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Facebook Cuts Down on Links to "Low-Quality" Web Pages

ad clutter

We've all been there: you're scrolling through your Facebook news feed and end up clicking on a link to an interesting-looking article, only to arrive at a slow-loading page riddled with ads, popups, autoplaying video and tons of sponsored links to unrelated content that have shocking or just plain disgusting accompanying images.

In response to widespread concern over this issue, Facebook announced yesterday that it's cracking down on links to "low-quality" web experiences, reinforcing an important rule for marketers: in order to be successful, good content must be supported by good design.

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Beyond Clicks: Facebook Develops Conversion Lift Measurement For Ads

conversion lift measurement

Internet advertising is often filled with guesses and assumptions. It can be incredibly difficult to determine whether or not your ads are actually convincing people to buy your product. Some services, like Google AdWords, have conversion-tracking features that can at least shed a bit of light on a customer's path from seeing an ad to making a purchase.

Anybody who's launched a Facebook ad campaign, however, knows how hard it can be to truly determine whether or not those ads are having any real impact. Luckily, Facebook is working on a way to take out some of the guessing.

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Paid Search Figures Up Big for Holiday 2013

paid search

Virtually everything related to paid search advertising campaigns trended upward over this holiday shopping season, with clicks, impressions and spending all increasing drastically when compared to the same time last year, according to a recent report published by Search Engine Land.

The uptick in both consumer spending and marketing investments could be attributed to the marginally rising tide of the economy as a whole, not to mention increases in overall holiday shopping, both online and through "brick and mortar" outlets.

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How do Facebook and Google Make Money? 46% Are Clueless

facebook and google

The results of a survey conducted last August by The Search Agency and Harris Interactive are now in, revealing that nearly half of Americans have a poor understanding of how online brands like Facebook and Google make money.

The survey, which was given to about 2,000 adults from various parts of the country, also asked respondents to describe how they thought these types of companies make money. The results indicate how online companies can become wildly successful even if their customers don't understand how they get paid.

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How to Manage a Successful Affiliate Program

affiliate program

Publisher and owner of Weblogs Inc., Jason Calcanis, grew ad revenue from $200 per day in September 2004 to as high as $3,000 per day in only six months by using AdSense and a successful affiliate program, according to a recent Google AdSense case study. With good planning and execution, almost any site or blog that has valuable high quality content and uses smart marketing techniques can generate steady revenue online. The 2010 AffStat Report from AffiliateBenchmarks.com is great place to learn more about affiliate marketing, but first, keep these tips in mind...

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