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Over Half of Internet Users Now Visit More Than One Social Media Site

social media

A Pew Research report published last week has outlined some of the major trends in social media use over the last year in America. Unsurprisingly, the popularity of many social networks continues to grow, with many platforms seeing significant increases in user numbers.

The report contains a ton of interesting findings that can help paint a picture of how social media is currently being used. For marketers, one of the most potentially crucial takeaways from the research involves the fact that 52 percent of internet-using adults now visit two or more social media sites.

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Promoted Pins Set To Go Live

promoted pins

When it comes to native advertising and sponsored content, marketers have no shortage of options. There are Facebook's promoted posts, Twitter's promoted tweets, LinkedIn's sponsored updates and Tumblr's sponsored posts, not to mention the thousands of blogs or news sites that are willing to promote content for a fee.

Now, Pinterest can be added to the list of networks where you can pay to have your posts show up in users' feeds. As far as native ads on social media go, this is good news - pins on Pinterest have had a history of being much more valuable than likes or tweets.

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Social Media Consumer Satisfaction Low Despite High Usage

social media consumer satisfaction

It seems counterintuitive that social media users would actually be unhappy with services they spend so much time on, but that's exactly the case according to a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. While the social media consumer satisfaction numbers have generally increased overall, they're still pretty low in the grand scheme of things.

Facebook is one of the most poorly rated, despite boasting 680 million users worldwide. These users spend an average of 6.75 hours on the social media platform every month.

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Pinterest's Guided Search Comes to the Web

pinterest guided search

Pinterest, the popular online tool used to discover images and articles related to various interests and creative endeavors, will soon be bringing its well-received "guided search" function to its web version. Guided search was previously only available in the mobile app.

As it continues to grow, Pinterest has been attempting to aid its users in sorting through the billions of pins and millions of boards currently available on the network. Guided Search could make the discovery process much easier for users, while making Pinterest on the whole much more navigable.

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How Much is a Pin Worth, Exactly?

pinterest cash

If you own or operate a small online business you would be wise to consider promoting it through the use of Pinterest, according to a recent report published by Piqora. In fact, the report suggests that a pin is a more a powerful way of driving sales than either Facebook posts or tweets on Twitter.

According to the report, Pinterest is also on the rise, as pins are about 25% more valuable today than they were a year ago. This being said, business's that are looking to increase their sales, should consider, within their marketing plan, making pins on Pinterest.

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