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Did Panda 4.0 Signal the End of Press Releases?

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Press releases have long been considered a powerful SEO and marketing technique. A well-written and marketed press release can allow a company to announce news related to their business to a wide audience. When accepted by reputable PR syndicates like PR Newswire and PRWeb, a press release can be a source of high-quality backlinks, especially after being picked up by other quality sites.

While some SEO experts maintain that this technique has been on its way out for some time, Google's most recent Panda update might be the final nail in the press release coffin.

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Content Customs Announces Special Press Release Promotion

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It's press release month at Content Customs, and for the remainder of this month, we're pleased to offer all of our existing and new clients a special offer on our high-quality press release writing services.

Submitting press releases to a large number of news outlets are a great way to increase your websites visibility and to reach out to the public to let them know that you have a new product and/or service that you are offering.

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Press Release Writing Tips

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One of the most effective marketing tools for an online web site or business is to publish a variety of press releases. Press releases can be used to promote new web site launches, new services or product lines, company news or simply to attract new visitors.

However, press releases have always been notoriously difficult to write, especially for individuals that do not have a technical writing background. Below are several press release writing tips that are intended to assist you in creating press releases that are well written, effective, and designed to achieve their intended goals.

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Designing Effective and Easy to Read Press Releases

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While there is really no standard format for designing Press Releases, most content companies that regularly design them have settled on a tried and true method for creating a press release that will properly advertise new web site launches, new product lines, service offers, or business announcements.

If you are interested in knowing how to create a well-constructed press release or would like to know what to expect from a professional company, this blog post will help you to define your goals and to create (or order) the best press release possible.

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