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Snapchat Discover: Are Chat Apps The Next Big Content Portal?

snapchat discover

The main principle of internet marketing is the same in 2015 as it's been for many years: content is king. If you want to get targeted visitors to your website who are ready to do business, you've got to have engaging, valuable content first and foremost.

When it comes to actually getting your content in front of people, however, there are many new ideas out there. Social media and syndication networks are ever-evolving methods of content distribution. Now, Snapchat's new "Discover" feature might represent a cutting-edge portal for content and native advertising: chat apps.

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eBooks - The New Publishing House


It is no secret why most individuals prefer eBooks over traditional books. Communication with electronic information is much faster than with physical paper. It is also much cheaper, more widely available, and constantly being updated.

Gone are the days where eBooks were only available to arduously read via your computer monitor. With the development of new portable eBook readers and a large variety of mobile devices, many publishing houses have shifted their focus to producing a much wider variety of eBooks, and at a much higher level of production.

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