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Yelp Study Accuses Google of Manipulating Search Results

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Google is no stranger legal action. Since its inception, the search giant has faced all sorts of lawsuits and accusations of wrongdoing. Now, Google is facing what might be its largest legal battle yet, as it prepares to defend itself against European Union charges that it's been abusing its market power and violating EU antitrust laws.

To add to the legal woes, a new, ill-timed study - backed by Yelp - purports that Google deliberately manipulates search results to stifle competitors, limit consumer options, and draw traffic to their own content and products.

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Google Provides More Information About Mobile-Friendly Algorithm


First came the addition of mobile usability features to webmaster tools. Then it was announced that mobile usability will absolutely become a ranking factor in mobile searches. Then came the announcement that Google's mobile-friendly algorithm will begin it's rollout on April 21.

While it may or may not deserve the term that some have given it - "mobilegeddon" - the fact remains that this adjustment could have an even bigger effect than Google's infamous Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. Now, Google has provided some advice for webmasters trying to prevent the loss of mobile traffic.

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Google Develops Algorithm That Rewards Factual Accuracy Over Links

factual accuracy

Everybody knows that the internet is full of factually inaccurate, questionable, deceitful or even blatantly untrue information. Some of the biggest portals for content discovery may now be feeling a responsibility to help people weed out inaccurate content.

For example, Facebook recently began displaying a "satire" tag on articles from publications such as The Onion in an effort to prevent people from thinking they're factually accurate. A new research paper from Google reveals that they might be moving in a similar and completely groundbreaking direction.

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How Did Google Search Change in 2013?


A new infographic from E2M Solutions breaks down the eleven most important changes that happened to Google search in 2013. The list focused on algorithm updates and changes, many of which may have had some effect on the search engine rankings of your site pages over the last year.

Although reviewing a year-end list such as this might not reveal exactly what Google has in store for 2014, it at least illustrates the volatility of Google's algorithms in their continuing efforts to rank the best, most valuable content more highly than the rest of the crowd.

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Yahoo Totally Revamps Search Appearance


Big changes came to Yahoo today, as the company has totally reinvented the appearance of their search engine results pages, also known as SERPs. At first glance, the new look is cleaner, easier to scan and more focused on the results themselves.

While most of the changes are aesthetic, Yahoo has made some "under the hood" changes to make your Yahoo search experience faster too. If you're still trying to decide between Bing and Google, now might be a good time to throw Yahoo into the mix as well. The news comes courtesy of the Yahoo Blog on Tumblr.

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