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Yelp Study Accuses Google of Manipulating Search Results

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Google is no stranger legal action. Since its inception, the search giant has faced all sorts of lawsuits and accusations of wrongdoing. Now, Google is facing what might be its largest legal battle yet, as it prepares to defend itself against European Union charges that it's been abusing its market power and violating EU antitrust laws.

To add to the legal woes, a new, ill-timed study - backed by Yelp - purports that Google deliberately manipulates search results to stifle competitors, limit consumer options, and draw traffic to their own content and products.

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Google to Warner Bros, NBC Universal: No, We Won't De-List Mega


Remember way back in 2012, when the federal government forced legendary (perhaps notorious?) internet business mogul Kim Dotcom to shut down his massive file sharing website, MegaUpload, on the basis of internet piracy? It didn't take long for Dotcom to reinvent his incredibly popular website as Mega, and with new branding came a fresh chance in the eyes of the United States feds.

However, Dotcom's new venture is already taking heat from an institution nearly as intimidating as the feds: major Hollywood movie studies. However, so far, Google isn't playing along.

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