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Google Turns to Mobile-First Indexing. Are You Ready?

Google mobile indexing

Smartphones have officially taken control of the internet. People use them to search more often than they use desktop or laptop computers. Statistically speaking, it is more likely that a person browsing your site will use a phone to do it than any other device.

In response, Google has turned to mobile-first indexing. This puts a priority on sites that have been optimized for a mobile experience. Are you ready for the change? The way you respond can dramatically impact your page rank and your site's exposure moving forward. The change is here to stay, and odds are that the mobile numbers will only continue to increase.

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Google Throws Down the Gauntlet on Mobile Usability

mobile usability

Back in December, we reported that Google was adding a mobile usability feature to Webmaster Tools. The feature is designed to help webmasters determine which pages on their site are not mobile-friendly, and it provides suggestions for fixing usability issues.

At the time, it was questionable whether or not Google considered mobile usability to be a ranking factor. Now, however, the search giant has sent emails to webmasters directly indicating that pages not considered mobile-friendly will be "displayed and ranked appropriately." This makes it clear that mobile usability will affect rank.

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Live Tweets Returning to Google Search Results

live tweets

Google users may remember back in 2009 when live tweets started appearing in search results in near-real time. Google described the idea as a way to provide up-to-the-minute data related to users' queries, while also being financially beneficial for both Twitter and themselves.

That agreement lapsed in 2011 due to the two companies disagreeing about how exactly Twitter's data would be used and displayed. The creation of Google+ at that time may also have caused Google to become disinterested in supporting another social network. However, according to Bloomberg, the deal is back on.

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Is Apple Search On Its Way?

apple search

One of the most fascinating things about Apple, and arguably one of its greatest keys to success, has been its ability to keep most of its offerings within its own sandbox. Despite Bing powering the latest version of the Spotlight search feature, Apple has done an excellent job of separating themselves from other big names in technology. Apple obviously has many different irons in the fire, but it's been conspicuously absent from one realm: search. Now, however, one developer has found evidence that an Apple search engine of some type could be in the future.

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Pinterest's Guided Search Comes to the Web

pinterest guided search

Pinterest, the popular online tool used to discover images and articles related to various interests and creative endeavors, will soon be bringing its well-received "guided search" function to its web version. Guided search was previously only available in the mobile app.

As it continues to grow, Pinterest has been attempting to aid its users in sorting through the billions of pins and millions of boards currently available on the network. Guided Search could make the discovery process much easier for users, while making Pinterest on the whole much more navigable.

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