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Disavow Links Tool is More of a Last Resort, Says Google

disavow links

Last week, we discussed the new Disavow Links tool developed and released by Google that allows website owners and developers to dictate which inbound links they would rather not have Google assess when determining their website ranking.

The Google disavow links tool feature is a boon for website owners and developers who were punished by Google's release of Penguin because of something that was theoretically beyond their control. In other words, a site owners inability to control the actual types of websites that are linking to their website.

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Site Owners can Disavow Links with New Google Tool

disavow links

Back in May, in the immediate aftermath of Google's Penguin update, we talked about how sites were being down-ranked because their link profile included inbound links from shady, irrelevant or otherwise unreliable sites. Site owners complained heavily, saying that they were being unfairly penalized for something beyond their control.

Complain no longer. Starting now, website owners and SEO marketers can let Google know exactly which inbound links they would rather not be associated with, and should be excluded when Google is assessing their website for search rankings.

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Twitter Launches Search-Friendly User Directory


As reported by Marketing Land, Twitter has launched a directory of user profiles with little fanfare in an apparent attempt to improve their search engine optimization.

Within the past several weeks, Twitter made another major SEO play by changing their robots.txt file to allow for the crawling of hashtags and tweets. With the new changes, users of virtually all popular search engines will start to see tweets and user profiles popping up in their search engine results pages, something that's been strangely absent since the inception of Twitter.

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Survey Says: SEO Pros Love Google Tools

SEO tools

The statistical results of the SEOmoz industry-wide survey were published just a couple of days ago, making perfectly clear that Google provides and supports the most popular and useful SEO tools and services on the planet.

The survey was performed by SEOmoz and conducted from March through May of this year. Nearly 6,500 SEO pros from over 100 countries responded; 77% were male; 47% were based in the U.S.; 46% were between the ages of 26 and 34; and 23% had between 3 and 5 years of real world internet marketing experience.

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Major Upgrades for Apple Siri in iOS6

apple siri

Apple unleashed a slew of new software and hardware products yesterday including the lavishly spec'd and absurdly priced Retina Display MacBook Pro that visual professionals of all stripes are salivating over.

However, the biggest standout from an SEO perspective was the new version of the Apple Siri app - Apple's unique voice-assisted search application that will receive a major overhaul in iOS6. The new mobile operating system will be coming to iPads and iPhones later this fall, likely to coincide with the rumored release of the iPhone 5.

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