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Google Officially Extends Snippet Length

snippet length

Meta descriptions are one of the most important onpage SEO elements, with webmasters often spending large amounts of time thinking about, researching, and testing different variations to find the most effective description for each page of their site. Together with a page's meta title, the meta description forms a snippet that helps search engines understand and rank a page, while also serving as a "sales pitch" to entice potential visitors.

For years, it's been said that meta descriptions limited to 160 characters are optimal for Google's search results - but it may be time to throw the old playbook out.

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7 Steps For Optimizing Images

optimizing images

Everybody knows how important images are on webpages. Visual content continues to get more and more popular, making pages that have large blocks of text without any images or video appear ever more outdated. Not to mention, image posts on social media tend to get much more engagement and traffic.

But while you've been adding images to your site to enhance user experience, you may have overlooked the SEO advantages that images can provide. Luckily, optimizing images for search engines is simple and it can have a noticeable effect on traffic and rank.

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Google Gains Big in December Search Market Share


A new report published by comScore reveals search engine market share figures for December of 2013, indicating that while Google made the largest percentage gains from the previous month, Bing managed to claim a bigger piece of the search pie than they ever have in the past.

While Google gains big in their overall dominance of the search engine market, largely at the expense of Yahoo, though Ask and AOL showed lower results as well. The figures set the stage for what should be an interesting year for search in 2014.

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How Did Google Search Change in 2013?


A new infographic from E2M Solutions breaks down the eleven most important changes that happened to Google search in 2013. The list focused on algorithm updates and changes, many of which may have had some effect on the search engine rankings of your site pages over the last year.

Although reviewing a year-end list such as this might not reveal exactly what Google has in store for 2014, it at least illustrates the volatility of Google's algorithms in their continuing efforts to rank the best, most valuable content more highly than the rest of the crowd.

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Does Google Penalize Pages with Too Many Links?


Matt Cutts, head of Google's search spam team, has added yet another video to his series in which he instructs site owners and search engine optimizers on how to stay within Google's quality guidelines and avoid having various pages, or your entire website, penalized in your search engine results.

This time, Cutts tackles the topic of whether it's acceptable to have more than 100 outbound links on a single page. Will Google view this as spam, or have they evolved in their thinking about pages that spider out to tons of other sites?

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