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For SEO, How Important Is Your Domain Name?

SEO domain name

Back when people used to consult the phone book when finding new businesses and services, some companies opted for names that would make them more visible. For instance, there are companies with names like "Aardvark Construction." The sole reason for this is that "aardvark" will almost always come first in an alphabetical list of names. If someone flipped to the business directory and started looking at lists of construction companies, that company could count on being first. Something like "Zimmerman Construction" may have made more logical sense, but it also would tend to rank last.

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Why Does Google Roll Out Constant Updates?

Google updates

From the perspective of running your website and trying to get consistent traffic, the Google updates can be frustrating. Just when you feel like you have it all figured out, they change something. You have to keep learning, keep updating and keep working. Not only is this extra effort for you, but you may wonder why they even do it in the first place. It's not as if Google has to overtake that No. 1 spot. The search engine is already the world's most popular choice. So why do they keep making updates so that you and your SEO team have to stay on your toes?

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During Online Ad Boom, Google Sets Financial Records

Google financial records

During the pandemic over the past year-plus, life has shifted. People who previously went to the office began working remotely, doing everything online. People who used to go out for entertainment -- to the movies, for instance -- started finding entertainment online. Though we all already used the internet frequently, the pandemic made this use soar as people simply needed to stay home to slow the spread of the virus. This change had a massive impact on ad revenue. Google was already a successful company and the world leader in search traffic, but the company set brand new sales records over the previous year and in the first quarter this year.

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How Much Search Traffic Comes From Mobile?

search traffic mobile

The smartphone changed how we think of computers. In the past, a computer was a dedicated device that did little else and that had to be wired into the network to access the internet. Laptops started to do away with this by making portable devices that could use wireless technology, but it was the phone that really changed the game forever. Suddenly, anyone who wanted one could have a computer in their pocket at all times. It's no wonder that smartphones tend to be expensive. They're essentially just miniature computers, and the phone function is an afterthought for a lot of users.

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Is Your Company Discoverable?

company discoverable

It's clear that marketing is never going to be the same. The internet has changed everything, and that change is here to stay. Rather than clinging to older ideas that may be outdated and may no longer work, companies need to accept this new reality and find out how they can leverage it for greater success. The relationship with each individual consumer is more important than it has ever been, for instance, and consumers have far more power to search out what they want. They do this on social media and through search engines, primarily. Think of it this way: Two decades ago, companies worked to get in front of consumers. Today, consumers come to them.

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