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How Long Should This Article Be?

article length

If there's any one question that beginning, intermediate and advanced online content writers, as well as virtually any type of content writer, grapple with on a daily basis, it has to be this: "Exactly how long should this article be?"

The simple answer, of course, is "only as long as it needs to be - no longer, no shorter." To this, you may say: "Alright then, exactly how long does this article NEED to be?" And so, the cycle continues. In reality, there are several items to consider when determining the appropriate length of your on-line article or blog post.

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The Pros and Cons of Popup E-mail Opt-Ins

e-mail opt-ins

"You expect me to believe popups can be useful?" In a word, yes. Although it may seem counterintuitive because "everyone hates popups," there is truth to the statement that popup e-mail opt-ins can be useful for certain businesses. Perhaps there are individuals who visit your website all the time, and are active on the message boards and in entering article comments, but somehow have never signed up for your valuable e-mail list. This could be due to ad or banner blindness, a less-than-flawless site design, or a lack of incentive.

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4 Steps to Developing a Site with a Killer First Impression

killer first impression website

Every web designer dreams of developing at least one authority web site where users will return to based on their first impression to find quick answers to their tough questions or to continue learning about the subject matter that is compiled on the web site. While there are countless web sites that aspire to such goals, in reality, very few are actually able to actually that kind of status.

There are 4 steps to developing a site with a killer first impression. While following each of the steps listed below may not guarantee your success, at the very least, you will be pointed in the right direction.

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Keeping Your Writing Organized


It can be difficult to keep all of your ideas within a clear and concise structure when writing content. For example, you may have trouble grouping your ideas by relevance, which can make it difficult for your readers to keep track of what you are actually talking about and, more specifically, the point that you are trying to make.

In order to keep your readers engaged and on track, each of your ideas should be clearly organized in order to give the illusion of a narrative. Try some of these methods that veteran content writers often use when organizing their thoughts and hence, their articles:

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How to Manage Your At-Home Work Life

at-home work life

The advantages of at-home work, including flexible hours, competitive pay, and the ability to obtain an income without adhering to a dress code or commuting to an office, make working from home attractive option for many individuals.

If you plan to pursue a career working from home as an online content writer, it is important to take the time to create a strategy that will allow you to maximize your productivity, meet all work related and lifestyle related deadlines and obligations, and properly combine your at-home work schedule with your existing lifestyle.

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